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Hey beautiful! I absolutely love reading/watching what people picked up especially when it is sale shopping so I decided that I would jump on the bandwagon and let you all know what I have picked up. I also can’t wait to show you guys my latest purchase from Merino Wool Knitwear. It should be coming in the next few days. Now I have been behaving very very well, none of the usual extreme splurging that I tend to repeat every year since I started earning. I have been so well behaved, I feel I ought to treat myself to a shopping spree!


It has been two years in a row that I haven’t hit the shops on boxing day, and heaved numerous big bags home full of clothes that I will never wear. I always had an eye of bargains, I would bring home coats reduced to £20 from £100 and those coats probably see one or two days of light and then retire in the wardrobe and gather dust. I said I will no longer be so frivolous and two years sticking to that rule has made me a little proud. But I did manage to gather a few bits of clothing via online shopping. It’s so much easier this way and yet I don’t know enough about online shopping. I mean, what is ecommerce? It’s clearly doing well thanks to its convenience!

My shop of choice this was Mango, the free delivery when you spend over £30 was what really did it for me! I hate paying for delivery.


So the first things I picked up were two basic vest tops, one in black and one in white. Really basic, so I decided not to add pictures of those. Now on to the rest of the shopping, bear in mind I wasn’t winter shopping instead I was picking up pieces to wear during the spring/summer season. I picked this little tshirt up as it looked casual and I am feeling the french/paris feel to it. I want to pick more items that feel a bit paris-esque, think my heart is craving to be in the city of love once again!


Item number two, another tshirt this time with a cute little print of Minne & Mickey mouse on it. I’m starting to feel a theme here and the theme is screaming Disneyland Paris! Again it was a nice little casual piece that I could pair easily with jeans and sunglasses. I can make a smart outfit of blazers and trousers more casual by putting this on underneath. I’m looking forward to playing around with this tee. Imagine if you made your own tees of these? My friend told me that she got some custom made designer labels and made her own prints!

That was all I picked up when it came to tops, however I will be returning to Mango and pick up more tshirts from in store whether it be on sale or full price, as I am in the mood for casual tee shirts with nice prints. Their full price pricing isn’t dear at all, you can pick up a tee shirt for under £15 which I think is a bargain in itself! Now on to the trousers, and I picked up a couple of those too to rock in the spring/summer period.


I really love dressing smart casual most of the time. I prefer that over jeans and although I haven’t yet discovered a sense of style that I’m happy with fully, (I need to be more comfortable with myself), I think when I do find my own sense of style it’ll be in the smart casual range. I love these trousers I picked up, especially as I have heels practically identical to the ones above that I can’t wait to pair them with! I can imagine myself in a casual tee shirt, similar to the two I purchased, in those trousers and heels with a pair of sunglasses in the summer feeling uber glamorous. Also, those trousers will come handy for any meetings I may have this year.


I also picked up a pair in bright red. If I’ve learnt anything about myself in 2012 it’s my love of wearing the colour red, I have really enjoyed adding a splash of red to my outfits usually via red lipstick. Now these trousers will be a very big splash of red but I thought I’d take the leap and grab them as I hardly ever wear bright trousers. I think I’d pair this with something really plain, little a white or black shirt/top. Keep everything simple and maybe a bit of red lipstick to set it all off? I’m really looking forward to wearing these, I’ve tried them on and am loving them, but they’ll stay in my wardrobe till around March when the weather is a bit more pleasant.


Again another pair of smart trousers, this time in navy. I really wanted a navy pair in the style of the black and red one however they were out of stock in size 6. I love the finish to this pair however they are a bit long for my little 5″3ft frame! I can wear them folded up at the bottom or get my mum to take them in a bit however I am in two minds over this still. I may just return it in store and pick something else up, hopefully they’ll have some nice tops or if I am really lucky they’ll have the black and red pair in navy blue. That’ll be perfect.


On to the final item I picked up, it was this lovely pair of jeans. Now the thing with me and jeans is that every pair I buy just happens to be too loose. Sometimes loose by a huge amount, sometimes just a little bit but I don’t really mind too much. I never tried to fit into size 6 jeans, it’s just something I never tried but I thought I’d bite the bullet and purchase this in size 6. And.. they just about fit. I have to jump in them and suck my breath in to zip it up but I think a pair of jeans like that is good to have in your collection. I really liked the style of these jeans, I liked the line running down it, I’m not sure why but I just did. I am very happy with this pair that is for sure.

That is it for all my clothes shopping, I may be popping out shopping this weekend to grab a few necessities and might pop in to Mango to potentially exchange the blue pair and see what else they have in store. I am really happy with my purchases, there is nothing that I’m thinking won’t get used lots and I think I will be returning to Mango more often for trouser shopping as they seem to fit me so well. I have lost quite a bit of weight over stress in the summer, which is probably why I’m fitting in to size 6 trousers and although I want to put a bit of weight back on I hope it doesn’t pile up so soon that these trousers stop fitting! I picked up a few, and I really mean a few, beauty related goodies and I shall do a quick post on that soon. Until next time lovelies, have a great day – Tanzina x

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