Sale Shopping: Beauty(ish) Items

Hi lovelies, hope your January is going well. I’ve just handed in my first assignment of the new year and think I will spend today relaxing, eating out and going to the cinemas to watch a film. I’m still undecided between Gangster Squad and Les Miserable, but either way I have a feeling both films will be good to watch. But whilst I ponder over that, here is what I picked up in the sales in terms of beauty related items. There are hardly any items in this post, and absolutely no make up! I told you I’ve been behaving well in the sales..



I had two specific things on my mind when it came to beauty related items and I kind of ticked them off. The first thing on my mind were Lush bubble bars as usually the Lush Christmas products are 50% off in the sales. I wasn’t interested in any of the gift sets as I’ve previously bought sets from the sales and not really used them at all. The bubble bars however I adore and this time I decided to pick up two of the Santa’s Sack as they smelt the nicest to me. I picked up two for £4.15 and have already tucked in to one already. The bath turned in to a really pretty reddish pinkish orange (not the best description I admit) and the scent of vanilla and neroli was really relaxing.


The second item I knew I wanted were Yankee Christmas candles and tarts. I wasn’t really lucky in my local shopping centre, they only had these little candles which appealed to me and the bigger candles were in the scent of pine trees and oranges which really don’t float my boat. However I really liked the scent of these three mini candles and decided to take them home with me. I picked up Cranberry Ice, Christmas Eve and Red Berry & Cedar. I’m not sure how much they were priced at but altogether they came to be just under £3 (I think they were 90p each). I was hoping to come across some tarts but my luck was out however I will be heading to Westfield soon so will keep a look out for more!

That is all for my beauty related items. I know it doesn’t seem too beauty related however I purchased these products with a relaxing candle lit bubble bath in mind and to me that is completely beauty related. I was really surprised that I did all my beauty related shopping for under a tenner! Clearly my shopping addiction is being cured (or possibly I’ve over indulged in other areas in December – post coming on that soon!). I’d love to know what you’ve picked up in the sales, let me know! I’m on twitter/facebook/instragram (all on the side –>)

Until next time lovelies, have a lovely day full of smiles x

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