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Hi lovely! I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog a little bit, as I haven’t written a post for 8 days but I’ve been swamped with University work which seems to be hell bent on taking over my life. However I have now been freed from it’s grasp and should have a little more time to concentrate on blogging! Today I’ve decided to crack open a few lipsticks that I picked up back in September that have been patiently waiting to receive some love from me. I picked up a few MAC lipsticks and some I’ve already shared with you like Captive and Velvet Teddy however here are the one’s that haven’t been showcased on here.


So I’m going to head straight in to colour and swatches because otherwise I will just go on and on about all aspects of my life etc.


The first shade is this gorgeous orange red called Lady Danger. It compliments my skin tone really well and I have actually dabbed it on all ready a few times even though I was trying not to use it until I photographed it. It’s gorgeous, it’s perfect for me as I love a bold red lip. I’ve been dabbing this on the centre of my lip over Ruby Woo to make my lips look fuller and I can tell you already that out of the three, this is hands down my favourite. The texture is matte, and I prefer my red lips in a matte finish. However it is a little more creamier than Ruby Woo so for those who find that too matte this might be the one for you? It’s definitely a warm red, and I’m sure a lipstick that I will be pulling out quite often this year.




This next lipstick is definitely a bright one, this is MAC Impassioned. It’s so bright it’s almost on neon territory and definitely much less wearable than my trusty Girl About Town, however I had been attracted to it for quite a while and decided to take the plunge and get it. It’s a pink coral with a tiny hint of red and I haven’t yet worn it out. I think it’ll be a colour I’ll be rocking when the weather is warmer. I basically live for warmer weather if you haven’t figured by now, it’s all I go on about! My wardrobe definitely has more warm weather clothing than winter! Back to the lipstick, it is an Amplified finish so it goes on really opaque so you get good colour pay off however it is also really creamy so feels comfortable on and isn’t drying. I’m looking forward to wearing it and seeing what my friends make of it. This is the kind of lipstick you give centre stage, leave everything else hassle free and let it take the limelight.




So the last of the lot is this plum/mauve colour called MAC Amorous. I tend to go to MAC and swatch lots of colours and this stood out to me. I don’t really know how to describe it, it’s plum and has pink in it and I suppose it does have brown undertones to it but on me al I really notice is a pink like plum. It is a satin finish which means it’s like a cross between a matte and a creamy texture, it glides on easily and you get a great colour pay off. I think this can easily be an every day colour which is fuss free and easy to apply. I’m not too sure about it as it isn’t a bright like the other two and I haven’t worn it out so still don’t know how I feel about this one. I know I really like it, but the question is do I love it? I guess that is still waiting to be found out but now that I’ve got this post out the way I can experiment lots and figure that out.



I did take all these pictures at around 10pm so unfortunately these aren’t daylight pictures so the colour might look a little different in daylight. If you follow me on Instragram (makeupatoz) you’ll probably see me wearing them in photos and I’ll try to include more face of the day pictures and posts. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post, I’ve been putting it off for a while as I didn’t want to post without swatch pictures. Ooh also a little heads up, my Elemis Giveaway is ending soon so click to enter before it ends! Until next time lovelies I hope you all have a great day and keep smiling – Tanzina x

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  1. I quite like impassioned in the pics but i guess its much brighter in person?
    and amorous is not a colour id usually wear but im trying to venture into darker colours so I may check this out =) x

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