Blingtones Review & Swatches

Hey you, hope your  Tuesday is going well! I haven’t done a dedicated review/swatch post on here for quite some time and since I promised you swatches of some glitter eye shadows I’ve acquired, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity. But before I go on to that, can I just express my disbelief that we are in 2013 and this is already my second post of the year. It feels rather overwhelming, the holidays are over and I will be returning today to London and real life. It’s upsetting. Hopefully the glitter below will cheer me up!


I’ve got three gorgeous myfacecosmetics blingtones (eyeshadow) in my collection in the shades: Black Ice, Purple Haze and Caribbean Queen. I love it when companies give their products unique uncommon yet perfectly suited names and that definitely is the case here. The reason why I bring these glitter eyeshadows to your attention is because I really think they are much better than your normal glitter shadows/pigments which tend to contain a lot of fall out and don’t show up like they do on the pan. These work perfectly, they stay on with minimal fall out and you actually get glittery lids and not just shimmery looks! I guess this is the review part of the post, and all I can say is that I really do adore them, they are as much loved as my Tom Ford glitter shadows which really is saying something. They are described as ‘crush-pearly eye shadows that create an intense, metallic, foil-like finish’ – I would have to agree with that description and I hope to collect a few more of these for my collection. They are priced at £12.99 and you can purchase them here or over at Harvey Nichols beautymart.


So on to the swatches, the first is this black silver glitter shadow called Black Ice. I’ve already created an eye look tutorial using this shadow which you can take a look at here.



You can pick this shade up here


The next one is this pretty purple with silver glitter eye shadow called Purple Haze. I really like this, makes me feel girly and I’ve used it on my friends before they go out for the night. I think it’s a perfect night out shade and can see this working really well under spot lights.



You can pick this shade up here


And finally Caribbean Queen, a gorgeous turquoise with silver glitter eye shadow. I love this one, I think its my favourite of the three. It looks gorgeous when applied, and I know it’s something I will be turning to especially in warmer weathers to add that splash of colour to my eyes. I find it compliments lots of different eye shadow base colours and you’ll probably see this popping up quite frequently over the next few months.



You can pick this up here

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want me to create a look using any of the shades. I think I will be picking up a few more shades from the blingtones range as shadows like these aren’t very common at all! I have my eye on Bellbottom Blues which is a deep blue glitter shadow, and also Tequila Sunrise which is a gorgeous Gold/Orange shadow which looks pretty. Until next time lovelies have a great day and ooh if you haven’t entered yet, do enter my giveaway! Have a great day beautiful x

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