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Hey you, happy new year. I am currently typing this is 2012 and it I can’t believe how quickly 2013 has crept up on us. However I am definitely looking forward to the new year and  to everything that is in store for me. Some of you may already know that I have been on a beauty cosmetics shopping ban for a little while after splurging way too much over the summer and I am proud to admit I have been very good and sticking to it. I think I will manage to stay at it for a while (fingers crossed) however bans usually tend to make wish lists longer and this post is a peek at mine!



I’ve decided to limit myself to 5 products, but 5 rather luxurious products (another word for expensive products). The first item is something I’ve had my eye on for a while and I think is my most lusted for out of all the items. This is the Urban Decay Vice Palette, packed with 20 beautiful shades and I have to say, in general as a whole, Urban Decay’s eye shadow quality is pretty much the best in the market. Beats MAC shadows hands down, the UD ones are more silky and apply and blend much better especially their matte colours. I’ve had Urban Decay Book of Shadows before but they are quite bulky which means they get neglected, however this palette is sleek and not too bulky and I think I’d use it lots. You can pick up for £42 which works out to be £2.10 per shadow (I’m clearly attempting to justify the palette to myself here!)


Second luxury lust item is a YSL lipstick simply for the reason it is a YSL lipstick and I want one in my collection. I haven’t even swatched any but I would probably go for a classic red colour as I feel I can never go wrong with a red. I know it’s such a silly thing to want, I have no justification for it other than I love the packaging and the weight and have heard lots of good things about YSL lipsticks but the heart craves what the heart craves right? I don’t know which range of the lipsticks I’d go for, probably something in the matte category as a matte red lip in one of my all time favourite lip looks. These lipsticks retail for around £23 so quite a bit of a splurge, maybe I might treat myself to one if I do well in an assignment?


Now the third item (in no particular order) is a product I swatched in Space.NK over a year ago, and absolutely adored. It’s the NARS  duo in Hungry Heart which is a lovely gorgeous highlighter duo. Do I need another highlighter, most probably not but this post isn’t really about need, it is all about want. I want this, it’s as simple as that. From what I remember from swatching the duo has two shades of… glitter. A lot of people are disappointed in this product as a highlighter, it’s either too glittery or not enough colour pay off however I personally know that I will use it lightly and like how it’s a glittery highlighter but there are no chunks of glitter, instead it is finely milled. This is definitely a love it or hate it product and is down to personal preference but I think I would absolutely love it for the summer and Asian wedding events. The duo is priced at £29.00


A Dipitique candle is another one of my lust items and I know I will need a huge celebration/special occasion to give in and splurge on one of these. Speaking about needing and wanting products, this is definitely something I do not need in my life however I do lust after it regardless. I think from everything in my list this is the item I would buy last simply because I’d probably get the least use out of it but I still have to admit, I’d love it in my life.  I’m not sure what scent I would go for, possibly rose or jasmine and I know I’d probably go for the £38.00 190g but like I said this, I would need a really good occasion to purchase one of these babies. I can already envision myself in a bubble bath with this burning away by my side…


Finally we are on to the fifth item, I’m really glad I limited myself to five products because this list can go on and on. I have a new skin care routine that I’ve planned out for 2013 and I’m not sure where this item will fit in but nevertheless it’s on my list. I’m talking about the Elizabeth Arden Original 8 Hour Cream which I’ve heard so much good things about. I definitely need to try this out, apparently it is great for chapped lips and I’d love to compare it with my much loved Dr.Lipp balm ( review here). This promises lots of moisturising goodness and for someone like me who will always believe that they have dry skin, it is perfect. It’s £25 which isn’t too bad I think! As I probably won’t use this as a daily moisturiser, I think the 50ml size will last a while.

Okay so that is it for my lust list, or is it? I have just remembered one more item that I really really am lusting after so can I please include it? Pretty please? I can hear you saying very loudly ‘of course Tanzina, go right ahead, we forgive you for exceeding the five item limit!’ You guys are just too good to mepage

This is the Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil collection. 2012 has definitely bought to me the art of deep relaxing pampering bath time and it’s something I hope to carry on well into 2013,14,15… however long I live for really. Now I’ve heard quite a lot of good things about this collection, and the bottom line is… I want it. This isn’t cheap, it is priced at £50 and you have 9 vials which approximately hold 3 baths worth each. It is without doubt something that has earned its place in my lust list and fingers crossed one day it will find its way into my bath tub.

That is it, this time for real. I’d love to know what you all are lusting over, so feel free to leave a comment. Happy 2013 everyone, hope it is a great year for us all and lots of dreams are accomplished. Thank you for being there throughout 2012 and I’ve really appreciated all of your support! – Tanzina xx

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