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Hi lovelies, hope your all well. I can actually say good morning to you right now as it is only 7.33AM and I am writing this post just before I head out and have some McDonald’s breakfast which I have been craving forever. Today’s post is about three face powders that I own, and a comparison between them.

I’ve probably mentioned this a million times and your sick of hearing it, but I’m not much of a fan of foundation and usually reserve it for special occasions. However as my skin type is quite dry, I tend to put moisturiser on some days just before I leave the house and for those days I like to apply translucent powder to eliminate the shine. I’ve used translucent powders on and off since I was 17, I actually remember purchasing my first one (it was from NYC) and every now and then I go back to using them again. I shall quickly talk you through the three in my current collection.

The first one isn’t really a translucent powder, it’s a ‘hydrating perfecting powder’ and does have a slight colour to it, however by applying it liberally and getting the right shade, it pretty much does the same job. This is the Smashbox Halo Powder in Medium, and it comes with a huge list of amazing qualities… not many that I can actually bear witness to unfortunately! I would definitely class it as luxurious, it comes in at a pricey £39.00 and actually contains an advanced formulation of pure gold! It also has lots of minerals, amino acids and is talc and oil free. It also boasts lots of anti ageing qualities however my 21 year old skin doesn’t really pick up on that, maybe in a few years. What do I actually think of it? It definitely feels good to apply, it’s silky and my skin surprisingly does feel much more hydrated by using this face powder compared to the rest. It doesn’t wear off and let any shine through and I can’t fault it. I like how you have to grind the powder out, it’s good to know it’s fresh powder each time and it isn’t messy.  Overall for those wanting mineral powders, that is hydrating I definitely would recommend it. It isn’t a powder foundation, it doesn’t give good coverage but that’s the whole allure for me. I enjoy having it in my collection.

My second powder IS a translucent powder, and is actually my first Chanel purchase. This is the Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte in shade 50 Peche. It is the cheapest of the lot at £32.00 and has truly been an investment in my opinion. This has doubled as my compact mirror in my hand bag for ages, and the powder just doesn’t seem to run out. I bought this as my first Chanel beauty buy as I wanted something that would last a while and I am so happy to know this hasn’t disappointed me. I’ve had it for over a year now, and have used it lots and lots. It’s translucent, gives my face a lovely matte finish and I tend to run it over my T-Zone and leave my cheeks looking dewy. It definitely gives a more natural finish compared to the Smashbox Halo, and I can see myself buying this over and over again. This comes in a little velvet pouch, but after so long I have no idea where mine is!

The third and final powder is the TOM FORD Translucent Finishing Powder and is the priciest of the three at £55.00. It comes with a handy brush unlike the useless Chanel sponge thing, a hugeee mirror and it does look like it will last absolute ages like the other two. I picked this up in shade Ivory Fawn and the shade selection is where this product really lets me down. I desperately wanted to try this powder and for that reason I settled for Ivory Fawn even though it is a teeny bit too light for me. Luckily if I apply it lightly, its impossible for anyone to realise, however I definitely would’ve preferred it to be slightly warmer. The next shade up is way too dark for me, and the shade difference between this one and the next one up is ridiculous. There are only four shades, I expected better selection from such a prestigious brand! But quality wise, the powder does the job… it keeps the shine away and it doesn’t wear off either. It is more heavier than the Chanel one, and I personally would prefer it to be a little lighter but obviosuly I can achieve a light application by being light handed. Overall it is a good translucent powder, the formula is really light so you don’t get a cakey finish but the shade selection really lets me down. However on a more positive note, I do adore the packaging.

My favourite of the three? Hands down winner for me is the Chanel translucent powder, it just has kept me happy without any little niggly issues annoying me. I probably will repurchase this after I’ve used up all three of the ones I currently have and it helps to know that it is the cheapest of the lot too. I prefer luxurious powders because I honestly feel like the cheaper brands don’t do translucent powders justice.. maybe it’s a corner of the beauty/make up world that is slightly neglected?

What powders do you use, do you find luxury brands face products better than the more affordable brands? Hope you’ve enjoyed the post today, it’s quite a word heavy one! Let me know if you want to read more comparison posts! Have a great day – Tanzina x

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