NOTD & Review: Red

Red is my favourite colour currently to wear. Fact. I have bought gorgeous fitted red coat for the winter and I feel extremely glamorous the second I put it on, it’s just something about the colour that automatically attracts me. I’ve been wearing pops of red quite often whether it be on my nails or lips. Today’s post is about a nail polish I’ve really been enjoying

I introduce you to Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour nail polish in Pure Red. Pure Red really is the perfect name for it, it’s gorgeous and really is pure in colour in the sense that one coat gives you a pure wash of colour… I usually always need at least two coats with nail polishes however with this polish one was enough. I love how Estee Lauder refer to their nail polishes as nail lacquer, it seems much more glamorous than plain old polish. Overall the quality of the polish was really nice and smooth, almost buttery when applying. It’s lasted on my nails really well without chipping and I’m more than satisfied with it. This is definitely a colour that will be getting a lot of use, especially throughout this holiday month.

You can pick this up for £14.50, although I got it for 15% cheaper as Debenhams were having a beauty discount thingy at the time! Currently the Estee Lauder website are doing free delivery and two free samples, so  you might want to take a look at that here.
Until next time lovelies have a lovely day x 

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