MakeupAtoZ: Happy Blog Birthday & Giveaway Winner!

It’s been a year since I started blogging and whilst being swamped with university work, it took me three days to realise! How ashamed am I – I can’t even begin to explain! However in order to mark the anniversary properly I will have a birthday properly, cake and all – just as soon as I have my university work out the way.¬†Also, today I am announcing my little giveaway winner, I picked the winner the traditional way by picking a number out of a hat however that wastes a lot of time, effort and paper so next time I will just have to use number generators. Without any further ado the winner is ..

No.6 Zarina!

I will attempt to Facebook message you but can you please try to email me on so I can have the goodies sent out to you.

I have another giveaway coming up for you guys, I think I will publish it when I do my ‘official’ birthday post with cake and all. So make sure you keep an eye out for that! Hope you all have a lovely day, Tanzina! x

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