Lippy Lovin’: Winter Brights


I was just about to type that the winter season usually has me reaching for bright colours for my lips to contend with the dreary weather however if truth be told, I always reach for a bright colour – winter or not! But one thing I definitely do look for in lip products in the winter particularly is super hydrating, moisturising lip products and I tend to avoid matte colours as they really do dry yours lips out. So today’s post is about two lip products that I’ve been enjoying, that aren’t matte but are bright.



The first one is something I’ve cheekily been able to get hold of prior to it’s release in January. This is the Avon Perfect Kiss Lipstick in Make Out Red which is a gorgeous buttery bright pink with hints of red, it is so flattering and so moisturising. It’s a nourishing lipstick which is keeping my lips happy as they tend to get quite picky in the winter when it comes to liking lippie products.



As you can see from the pictures above, the lipstick has quite a glossy moisturising finish and is really bright. I think the daylight also washed my skin colour out, it makes it look like I have a black and white effect going on in the picture but I promise I don’t! I was able to preview you the whole range of the Perfect Kiss lipsticks, there are 24 shades of lovely colours from brights to nudes however automatically it was Make Out Red that just popped out to me. From trying this lipstick, I would definitely recommend the range and for those wondering when it will be out, they will be released in January 2013 for £8.50.



This next product is the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in 08 Bitten Berry and it is a much less maintenance product compared to the Avon lippie. It’s one of those lip products that you don’t really need to be super careful with when applying and I usually touch up on this even when I am on the move, on the tube or walking. However it really adds a pop of colour, it’s like a red plum which is quite deep so quite fitting for the winter season. It is much more sheer than the lipstick above, however it is also more hydrating. It contains shea butter, probably why my lips love it so much!



So as you can tell, it is more of a balm than a lipstick but like I said it really does at that pop of colour that brightens up a gloomy day. The Brilliance balms leave a stain after the product wears off and I can say that I really noticed this. This leaves my lips with a pinky stain which looks like a prettier version of my natural lips. The colour and intensity of the stain depends on the Ph levels of your lips, my lips must have quite a good level as the stain is quite flattering and long lasting. This comes in 7 shades and retails for £12.00, Bitten Berry was the one that appealed to me most but I’m already planning on Radiant Rose to join my collection.

That is it for today’s post, I haven’t really been reaching for many other lip products in the last few weeks. I’ve been using MAC Ruby Woo but I think that the classic red lip look is something I’ll always reach for so that really isn’t anything worth commenting on. Actually I might just do a post on my most used red lips look and just get that off my chest! I’ve been using the Make Out Red in the centre of my red lips to change things up a bit, and I really do like that effect. Having a lighter colour at the centre of your lips makes them look fuller, which is always a good thing. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and I shall speak to you all soon! Tanzina x

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