Last Minute: Perfect Stocking Fillers

So this is rather.. last minute. Sort of like my shopping habits. However for any last minute product grabbers like myself I hope this post is slightly helpful! This post is dedicated to little presents, things that might  make up a big present or be given as part of a secret Santa. Products you can stuff in stockings, and really just have fun with.



The first item I would suggest is one I’ve really been having a lot of fun with, and I would be more than happy with receiving as a gift. The product I’m talking about and have been obsessing over for the past few weeks is Skin Art’s Temporary Tattoos. Written upon the packaging is ‘Ink yourself with zero commitment… temporary tattoos inspired by the world of fashion music and celebrity‘. I love the thought of inking yourself with no commitment, it takes me back to my school days when I would doodle myself with gel pens. I love the look of tattoos but would never get a permanent one, I think it really is too much commitment and at times foolish however these gorgeous things are the perfect middle ground because they are temporary. They honestly do look extremely realistic as well, my friends and family know I am anti tattoos but I managed to fool quite a few people into believing I had a tattoo inked! Just don’t let them come too close or let them touch it, that may give the game away. The set I would recommend is this lovely one with over a 100 tattoos varying from large sizes to small, calligraphy to designs. It’s a perfect way to start experimenting with the world of temp tattoos and would also be quite great sharing with a few people. You can pick this up here for £10 or pop into your local Boots to see if they have it there. I will be playing around more with this kit and will post pictures soon. If you don’t follow me already on instragram, please do as the pictures will probably appear there first! I am makeupatoz over there.



The second thing that I would suggest is something I am guessing a lot of people (if they are anything like me) will love receiving, as there is no such thing as too much lashes. I love false lashes, and I can especially see them being very popular around this time of year where there are lots of parties and events to attend. False lashes range from lots of different prices, and if your feeling extra generous I would recommend Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfield premium lashes for a cool £50. However that’s not the price range we are considering in this post and I have some lovely alternatives for you. I really enjoy Eylure lashes, they are/were my absolute favourite especially the Nadine lashes from the Girls Aloud range. Slightly steeper in price are the MAC lashes and they also come in quite a large range to choose from. However recently I’ve been a bit of a convert for the gorgeous Let’s Go lashes and the Nouveau range, you can read my review here. They are affordable and the quality isn’t compromised at all. I’ve been wearing the ones I reviewed for well over 8-9 times now and they are still going strong. I know they would be greatly received if I stumbled across them at the end of my stockings!




New Year usually brings out new looks in people, and my third and final gift item is all about that. Changing hair colour is a scary ordeal at times, however it is never as scary as changing it to a unconventional colour such as.. blue! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a wacky colour but I’ve made peace with the fact that I most likely never will, I’m simply not brave enough. This is where this product steps in, it is the Colour Extreme hair art kit. It promises you ‘high impact, instant hair colour with zero commitment,’ exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve actually ran the blue colour through my ends and it showed up much better than I thought it would as I have extremely dark hair however I can definitely see this being much better on lighter hair. The kits retails for £12.99 however if you wanted to go for just one colour you can pick a single can of colour up for a cheerful £2.99. It’ll be great to see in the new year with a pop of something different, I can see this catching eyes at new years eve parties. I will be doing a review of this kit soon and also hosting a give away giving you guys a chance to win the kit very soon! It’ll be a twitter follow and retweet give away so keep a look out for that!

I hope you enjoyed that post even if you have done all your shopping, it might give you ideas of things to try in the future. I’m back at my family home and am really happy, I haven’t seen them for three weeks and have missed them very much. I type this in candle and fairy light, I have to admit the dim lighting is making my room feel very romantic. Hope you all have a great day, I’m waiting on my little brother to arrive home from his sleepover so we can make little gingerbread men! Take care lovelies – Tanzina x




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