Happy Blog Birthday and Elemis Giveaway!


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I know, the blog birthday was on the 1st of December however I have only just had enough time to fully celebrate it and celebrate it I did! I decided no birthday, blog or not, wouldn’t be complete without cake and also a nice range of my favourite things. So after a meal out at my local much visited Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I tucked into the goodies featured in this post. Warning: drooling may occur (will definitely occur in my case)



I popped along to Harrods earlier in the day to pick up these goodies, I adore Harrods food hall, dare I say even more so than Harrods beauty hall? I was going to pop along to Laudree and pick up a range of different macaroons, but this raspberry with pistachio and chocolate macaroon seduced my taste buds first. I had to take it home. I knew I had to get some sort of cake, macaroons weren’t enough so I picked up two slices of my favourite Harrods cake, the Frasier, it really is absolute heaven on your lips. Oh I just realised it seems as though I was having a little eating festival all by myself, I wasn’t! I was sharing the day with my one of my closest friends although I have to admit I wasn’t too happy about sharing the cakes, even though it was her treats!



I decided that I needed a cheese board to make the day complete along side my favourite olives. I always forget to check what the olives are called, but they are the most buttery textured delicious olives ever. They look really fresh and you can pick them up at Harrods also. I also picked up a bottle of my favourite drink, Belvoir Lemonade and completed the day by tucking into the cheeseboard.



I’m definitely a greedy guts at heart, and I don’t mind that at all. You can’t say I neglected my blog birthday at all now can you? I really have enjoyed blogging for a whole year and will hope to have another blog birthday food festival next year! Obviously it will have to be a bigger festival as it is a bigger birthday. Now no birthday is complete without presents so I have a lovely giveaway for you all to enter, just to say thank you for reading and supporting me over the past year. Blogging really has changed my life in many ways and for that I am really grateful. The Elemis giveaway will go up tomorrow, I thought it would be nice for it go live on Christmas day, and will be open for a month. So keep a look out for that, and again thank you so much for reading – Tanzina x 

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