Gift Ideas: Under £20 Makeup and Body/Skincare

It’s that time of year where the bloggersphere is full of gift guides and presents to pick up and I thought it would be nice for me to feature a little post here and there on Makeup A to Z. I decided to start of with something quite cheap and cheerful yet something that feels like your getting quite a lot of stuff, you’ll see what I mean below! I decided to opt for two gift ideas, one focusing on body/skincare and the other on make up.

The first gift I would definitely recommend is this little set from Sanctuary which focuses on revitalising you top to toe. This is the ‘Top to Toe Prima Ballerina’ that comes with seven lovely products and also a huge bag that can double up as a toiletry bag. What you get within the kit is:

Foaming Bath Soak 75ml
Body Lotion 75ml
Brightening Radiance Exfoliator 15ml
Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask 15ml
Luxury Foot Polish 75ml 2.53floz
Intensive Rescue Heel Balm 75ml 2.53floz
Ballet Slippers

 As you can tell from the list, this really does concentrate on all areas top to toe, the bath soak targets your whole body, as does the body lotion. You have a lovely exfoliator which I’ve been really enjoying to make your face super soft and I’m already a huge fan of Sanctuary face masks, especially the 5 Min Thermal Detox mask, so I was happy to see the Brightening Moisture Boosting Mask within the kit. My absolute favourite products from the kit were the Luxury Foot Polish and the Intensive Rescue Heel Balm.

This foot polish is absolutely gorgeous, it really is a polish that works, it rids your feet of all dead skin and leaves them feeling so soft and baby feet like. I have to admit, I absolutely adore little baby feet, they’re so adorable! Slightly off topic, however back to the polish, I adore it and even though it specifically says it’s for feet I’ve been using it on my legs prior to shaving and I have no annoying ingrown hairs and my legs feel super silky. However do this at your own risk, I’m a bit of daredevil like that and the experimenting paid off! I have to admit I’m tempted to use it on my face as I adore harsh feeling exfoliators and this is the strongest I’ve ever come across, however Sanctuary really advise you against that and I’m not brave enough to try it. My legs I don’t mind reacting badly against it (though it hasn’t reacted at all, it’s loved it instead) as only I see my legs, however my face.. I can’t risk it. But I definitely love this and will repurchase as it’s a cheerful £5.10

Next the Intensive Rescue Heel Balm, this has really made me realise just how neglected my feet get. My feet seem to drink this up, it sinks into my feet straight away and they feel so soft afterwards. It does make me worry how dehydrated my poor feet must have been, poor little things. I apply this to my heels and then massage it all over my feet and I realise I need to make more of a habit of doing this as I really do abuse my feet with heels and the constant walking – I love to going for walks, heels and all. The word ‘intensive’ really is true, it does feel like my feet as left intensely hydrated after using this and again I will be repurchasing this after I run out. I need to make sure I carry this feet pampering routine well into spring and summer as that is when I wear heels the most then and walk for ages as I try avoid going for walks when it’s cold.

Finally let me leave you with a little snapshot of the lovely slipper socks before I move onto makeup. How cute are they? This kit retails for £20 here and currently lots of gifts on the site are 3 for 2. Also, these products are the perfect size to make lots of little stocking fillers if you wanted to divide them up or secret Santa pressies.. Give one product away for the secret Santa, and keep the rest all for yourself! I would.

Now this one is also a tick all the boxes present, although you can’t really divide it up for lot’s of people! Imagine if you tried, you’d create a huge mess. This is the Pixi Early Bird Kit and I think this would make a fabulous gift as it really ticks lots of beauty and make up boxes. This kit contains:

3 cheek colours,
2 bronzers,
1 face glow,
4 eye base shades,
and 16 eye shades.

You really can create lots of different looks with this, and I think that it would be suitable for both beauty newbies and fanatics. My absolute favourites from the kit would be the cheek colours/blushes, you need the tiniest bit for great pay off and I find that it spreads really nicely over your cheek. I also am a fan of the face glow, I didn’t think it would suit my skin tone however I was pleased to see it did and can see this suiting lots of different skin tones. The bronzers might be a little too light for deeper tones to contour with, the darkest one just about does it for me but of course you could use them instead to add a bit of a golden colour to deeper skin tones.

That’s the really good think about this kit is that it is quite versatile, you can use this to create lots of differentiating on lots of different people, regardless of their skin tone, hair and eye colour. I like the eye shadows too,  you’ve got a good selection of colours and neutrals however I wish there were more mattes! Although the eye bases would work as mattes too, I’ve been using them to highlight my brow bone.

This is priced at  £16 and I can see this being popular amongst teens and young twenties and also especially people of all ages who like cute unique packaging. I find this palette really handy to have, if you can’t carry too much make up with you, you can grab this and go and you all know how I like travel friendly products! You can pick this up here.

That is it for my little gift idea post, I really recommend both of these and find them ticking lots of boxes for lots of different people. If you are feeling super generous, you could easily make someone’s day by gifting both and giving them the full package to pamper and preen with! I think the next gift idea post I will do will be more stocking filler ideas, I need to post that soon as Christmas really is just around the corner! Until next time lovelies, have a lovely day – Tanzina x

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