Urban Decay: New Naked Palette

When I first heard that there were stirrings in the rumour mill regarding a new Urban Decay Naked palette, firstly I didn’t really believe it and secondly I told myself even if it is true, I can’t let myself get hold of it as I already own the other two Naked palettes and 24 neutral shades are more than enough for me. I’m eating currently in the process of eating my words. I need this!

This baby is matte! My one hang-ups about the Naked palettes were that there wasn’t enough matte shades but looks like this little beauty solves that problem. I don’t even need to swatch these shades to know they won’t let me down, Urban Decay eyeshadows have always been good to me. So this is a peek at the Naked Basic palette, UD say it’s smaller than your Iphone. You all should know by now I love travel friendly beauty products, and this seems to tick all the boxes.

In the US this launches in two days time, I have no idea when it will hit our shores or how much it will be.. I know it is definitely under £30 and around the £23 mark but once I know for sure I will get back to you. Will this be finding it’s way into my makeup stash? Probably, you can’t tease a girl like with pictures like that and not expect me to give in!

When I know more about the palette and it’s presence in the UK, I will definitely be sure to fill you in. Expect swatches! Until next time, have a lovely day x
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