Review & NOTD: Nail Art Nail Tattoos

Today’s post is featuring nails that I have been getting tons and tons of compliments on. I do tend to pretend I drew the birds on myself and waiting to see if the complimenter believes me. Surprisingly, so many people do! But no, no trick nail art here, just some amazing nail tattoos.

The Nail Tattoos by Nail Art are so easy to work with, you just stick them on, apply a topcoat and your ready to rock gorgeous nails. How pretty is the design I stuck on? It looks like the little birds are in flight I absolutely love them. I can’t really go on and on and write an essay on this product because there really isn’t much to say other than they are amazing. They lasted until I removed them, I was worried that they may un-stick or peel off however they remained intact. They are priced at a very reasonable £5.99 and you can buy them here and soon they should be hitting Boots.

On my nails I put on two coats of Essie Mint Candy Apple and a sparkly top coat on the tips. After making sure my nails were fully dried I stuck the cute little birdies on. I think this little pack of nail art would be perfect for cheap affordable Christmas pressies, actually it would be absolutely perfect as a stocking filler. Add a bottle of someone’s favourite nail polish and you’ve got a great present to gift!

Hope you enjoyed today’s post, it does feel super short and I miss rambling on and on. I know I definitely will be turning to this kit for quick pretty nail art when I’m in a rush and can’t recommend it enough. I hope they bring out coloured nail art soon, although I’m not really sure what colour I would like to see. It’s great that black works well with everything! Until next time, have a lovely day!

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