Elemis at QVC: Amazing Special Value Deal

Hi lovelies, today’s post is about a special deal that I am so so excited about sharing with you all. I’ve been really lucky to have been given the chance to share this deal with you all and if your a skincare fan like me, you won’t want to miss this.

Wednesday evening I was invited over to the QVC studios for the unveiling of Elemis’s Special Value collection which is exclusive to QVC. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I really didn’t expect the collection to be as great as it was. When I hear big brands doing ‘amazing savings’ deals they usually save you about £10 or the products come in sample sizes which you usually can pick up at counters or magazines for free (sorry Benefit!). However this deal really is a dazzler.

I introduce you to the Winter Skincare Secrets Collection by Elemis which is QVC’s biggest beauty Today’s Special Value of the year! Within this collection you have six products, one being the luxurious Evening Blooms Dry Body Oil which you cannot purchase elsewhere. You can’t even get hold of it on the Elemis website. The oil contains notes of ylang-ylang (I love saying that), jasmine, vanilla and others and smells really divine. You warm it up in your hands and it goes on really luxuriously, sinking into the skin rather than sitting on top and the scent lingers for ages. It really has a relaxing and soothing scent which I hope will help my sleeping patterns.

You also get a full size Quiet Mind Bath Elixir which by itself retails for around £22. I am yet to try this as I am in London and have no access to a bath tub so I definitely will be taking this home with me in the weekend. However the scent! It’s so relaxing and the consistency seems thick and it is said to produce bubbles, it definitely feels like a serious contender for my much loved Jo Malone Bath Oil. I will keep you updated on that front, I do hope it beats the oil as it is so much more purse friendly priced.

Next you have a Gentle Rose Exfoliator, which smells of Moroccan rose and contains Jojoba beads that gently exfoliate your face. I’ve only used this once since I’m in a rush to let you know about these products in time for the deal however I am already impressed. It’s not too harsh and the fragrance is perfect for in bath exfoliating, your relaxed state of mind will only be aided with the fragrance rather than disturbed. To buy this is around £27, can you see that we’ve already gone well over the £50 price mark?

The next product you get in the collection is this lovely moisturising Skin Nourishing Shower Cream with also retails for around £22. It has won multiple awards and contains Macadamia and Jojoba oils and after one use I can already tell why it’s an award winner, post shower my skin felt hydrated. I’m almost annoyed at discovering these products because I know they’re going to stay stuck on my repurchase shopping list. I haven’t been able to fully trial this out as I’ve only had a day since getting them however I will definitely try my very best to get back to you on how I’m getting along with the products.

Next, this is feeling endless, is the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser which is another award winning product which retails for around £29. It contains ylang-ylang (I just love saying that) lavender, moringa seed peptide and is said to help against pollutants especially if your living in the city like me. I’m really looking forward to trying this out and comparing it to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser.

And finally the collection features the hugely popular and multi award winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream in a 30ml which would retail for around £40. This is said to increase moisture and hydration levels up to 45% and has even more greater qualities for more mature skin, especially concerning fine lines, and wrinkle depth. I haven’t yet tried this and I may get my mum to trial this out and report back, or I may take it up on the hydration offer and see what it does for my winter dry skin. However it goes without saying this is a huge big seller from the Elemis range and many people will love to see this featured in the collection.

-Also you get that lovely makeup/toiletry bag that’s been in the pictures, it’s hugeee. And is good quality as well, it will definitely be my new beauty travelling bag.

So how much is this I hear you ask? The prices have gone well over the £150 mark already. How amazing would this deal be for a £100? But no, QVC are hosting this collection as the Today’s Special Value at the amazing price of UNDER £50! I can’t believe how cheap they are selling this for especially in time for Christmas and I will 100% be purchasing this even though I already have one and will be giving bits away as gifts and keeping some cheeky bits as back ups!

This is definitely my first Christmas gift idea post, and really your getting six gifts for under £50 which is such a good saving. Plus they aren’t just rubbish six gifts, they’re some really good presents to give someone and I know I would’ve been happy to receive any one of the items from the collection. Plus with QVC, you can pay in 4 instalments and QVC have such faith in these products that you can returns them even after use because they are so sure you’ll love them – they are offering that guarantee. So when does this launch? This launches exclusively on QVC  this Saturday (the 1st of December) at midnight and then will be shown throughout the day on the Sunday also. I could not recommend this enough!

In the studio, behind the cameras 

Getting the microphone fitted

Showing how to use the oil

Talking to the lovely Debbie

Using the Dry Body Oil 

So that is it for today’s post, it’s one I’m really passionate about and I know I will be tuning in to grab this even though I already have one set. I just think they would make such good gifts and I can now officially announce this collection as my first Christmas Gift Guide beauty product! I was able to do a little bit of guest presenting for QVC and have video footage of myself, but I’m still debating whether I should upload it! But I shall leave you with some behind the scenes photos above. Until next time lovelies, I hope you all have a great day x

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  1. I cannot wait to buy this on Sunday!! It’s such an amazing kit & the value is truly out of this world. QVC & Elemis have out done themselves!!

    P.S. I am so jealous of you right now getting to spend the day on the QVC set. I would have loved that :)

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