Peek into Life: Afternoon Tea

Hi lovelies, thought I’d do a little post on a little meet up I had with my lovely friends. Sometimes it’s quite nice to see what people get up to, and I haven’t done a peek in to my life post in ages so I decided it was about time. I actually met these girls through blogging, they too have blogs, and I really do think meeting people is the best part of running this website. These girls have become a part of my daily life and are now very close friends of mine, how lovely is that?!

So we decided to go to for afternoon tea at Podium which is located at the Hilton which is a short walk away from Hyde Park, London. The restaurant was really lovely and luxurious and I wish I could pop in there three times a day for my main meal. I visited the restaurant with Safiyah, Numera, Aalia, Nelufa and Asmaa who you can see in the pictures below.

Asmaa, Safiyah, Nelufa, Numera, myself & Aalia

Myself & Aalia

The afternoon tea was lovely, it consisted of some pretty sandwiches and lots and lots of dessert. There was a huge range of tea to choose from, I stuck to what I knew and went for English tea but some of the others were a little more adventurous and went for mint, green etc. There was a flowering jasmine tea that tempted me but I had never tried it and didn’t want to spoil the occasion by getting tea that may potentially disagree with me.

I didn’t take as many group pictures as I would’ve liked to, I think there should be another bloggers meet up coming along sometime soon so fingers crossed we shall get the chance to get snap happy then. Until then, I shall leave you with a few pictures of myself from the day. You can probably see that I had a great time, as I couldn’t stop laughing throughout.

Just looking through these pictures has got me craving for desserts. The dessert tray had macaroons, cheesecake, cupcake, chocolate cake, scones.. the list does literally go on and on. I think my local M&S dessert section will have to do until I can pop back to Podium. Even the brown tray that held the top layer of desserts was made from chocolate and was completely edible. Definitely a must visit for those of you with a sweet tooth. Until next time lovelies, have a great day – Tanzina x

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