MakeupAtoz Outfit of the Day: Coral in the grey

Hi lovelies, today’s post is a rather different one.. a type of post which I really didn’t think would appear here on MakeupAtoZ. It’s actually an outfit of the day post, and an unplanned one too. I was at a really nice location, with a helpful friend who didn’t mind being behind the camera. We ended up deciding to create a mini-shoot and I thought it would be quite nice to share it with you all. Looking at it all now, I really wish I grabbed a little waist belt! It was a rather gloomy day, so I thought a bright coral dress would brighten things up, and it did.

All wrapped up in my coat to keep away the chills

Blazer- Forever 21
Dress- Republic
Black tights
Boots- Lotus
Bracelets- Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Micheal Kors

That’s it for today’s post, it was super quick! I think I should start doing more of these outfit posts, they’re super fun in creating and quite easy to post. I can pretend to be a model whilst creating them, although I would make a dreadful model as model’s are meant to look all serene and moody and I can’t help but smile constantly! Maybe I shouldn’t have my friends as the designated photographer, they just make me laugh.

Over the next few days I shall be quite busy, tomorrow is Eid which is rather exciting then I have a wedding in the weekend. Hopefully that will mean I shall have lots of outfit and makeup pictures to share with you guys, but it will also mean I won’t be able to blog for a few days so please bear with me, I’ll be back! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and smile lots – Tanzina x

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