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Hi lovelies, I have just returned from a weekend of celebrations. On the Friday I celebrated Eid, and had a few more festive celebrations on Saturday.. then on Sunday I was a bridesmaid at a friends wedding, so had lots of smiles and exciting moments throughout! I will try and show you a few pictures in the coming days. However today’s post is not about that at all, instead it’s about two lovely luxurious Tom Ford lipsticks I picked up.

So I love lippies, it’s just a fact of life. I’ve got quite a few MAC lipsticks, a few Estee Lauder, a Bobbi Brown etc and a whole lot of high street brands too but I’ve not really splurged too much on super high end lipsticks like Armani and Chanel. I really do want to pick up a few YSL lipsticks, but not any time soon as I have been spending way too much money on cosmetics. I bought these two lipsticks in August and only started using them recently as I have a huge back log of beauty purchases. As I had the opportunity to buy two lipsticks from Tom Ford and thought it would be good to share my thoughts on them.

I shall start on my favourite of the two, Tom Ford Pure Pink.

As you can see it’s such a gorgeous glossy hot pink but the good thing about it is that it’s glossiness seems to make it much more wearable than my MAC Girl About Town, it’s not too intense although I have to admit my version of normal is probably your version of bright! I love colour on lips and can wear MAC Ruby Woo as a normal every day lipstick and considering most people find that a going out bright red, that is slightly worrying.  Back to Pure Pink, I really do love this lipstick and find myself carrying it with me quite often which means its going to probably run out so quickly. And at £36 each lipstick, I really don’t see myself repurchasing this often.

The next lipstick, Black Orchid, is slightly bold and less wearable in my opinion.

Tom Ford Black Orchid is a deep brown red, definitely more of a burgundy red and it really does compliment my MAC Burgundy lip pencil. However the above pictures, that’s just a light application of lipstick and when you put a full coat on, it does look a bit scary. I look super pale, and goth like. It seems to drain all the colour out of my complexion at times. To be fair, it is a great Halloween colour and I think I MUST wear this on Halloween day now. The texture is definitely different to Pure Pink, it’s less moisturising and will probably look not so appetising on drier lips (not that many products do look appetising on dry lips!) However, I do not regret buying it as it looks lovely when applied almost like a stain, just dabbed on, and also with a coat of clear lip gloss. It’s definitely a winter colour so I can see myself warming to this more throughout the next few months and as you only need such a little bit to get great colour pay off, this lipstick should last me quite some time. Again it is £36 a pop, and whereas I can see myself repurchasing Pure Pink, I don’t think I will repurchase this again as it is not as wearable.

That is it for my luxury lipstick post, just two lipsticks featured but a combined total of £72 you can understand why it definitely falls into the luxury end of the beauty world. I hope you all didn’t mind the extreme close up of my lips, but I thought these lipsticks definitely deserved better treatment than swatches on my arms! Would you purchase these lipsticks, do let me know! Until next time lovelies, have an amazing time. Tanzina x

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