Blast from the past: Dove Original Deodorant

Hi lovelies, hope your okay. Today’s post is actually a huge blast from the past. Something that brings back old memories and they’re pleasant memories too. This is a product that I go a long way back with so I was happy to see it land back on my dresser again.

I introduce you to my very first antiperspirant.. No, not the actual first one! Just the first one I tried way back when I was still in high school. This is Dove’s Original Deodorant of which I am pretty sure I can recognise the scent of anywhere! I love testing different deodorants and antiperspirants as I can compare and see which ones really do leave you feeling fresh and which ones don’t really work (some don’t work for more than a couple of hours). I am so glad this little gem has walked back in to my life, reminds me of dance rehearsals as it was a constant presence in my dance kit bag. It really holds up well, you can smell the fragrance for quite a while and I really do enjoy the scent. It used to leave me moisture free through out dance classes and that really is saying something. I used to be super slim back then simply due to those weekly workouts! The reason why I’m bringing this to your attention is because Dove have actually reformulated the original formula and now the formula has 3x more vitamin E within it. This is what Dove have to say

” Dove Original Deodorant has a unique 1/4 moisturising cream formula enriched with more Vitamin E to deeply nourish underarm skin. Don’t believe us? We promise you’ll notice softer  and smoother underarm skin in just 7 days.”

I am actually quite sceptical of such claims however after trying it out for over a week I have noticed a difference. My underarms are not ridiculously soft, like silk, however they are softer and I can especially notice this whilst shaving. Rather than ending up with the recurring dry underarms, they feel more moisturised. The only thing I’ve changed in my routine is my deodorant so I definitely agree with Dove’s claim.

What are your favourite deodorants, do you have any favourite scents such as Impulse that take you back a few years? Until next time lovelies, hope you have a great day x

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    • hey lovely, unfortunately because I am on wordpress it’s not possible. But I have bloglovin’ and email address insert if you wanted to follow through that x

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