Avon Event: Arctic Goddess Collection preview

Morning, morning. I always start my posts of with a cheery morning but the reality is, I schedule these posts for the morning and really right this minute I am probably lying in bed fast asleep. Or at university with a cranky it’s-too-early face. Thought I’d share that tid bit of life changing information with you all! So today’s post is regarding Avon, and the event I attended for the release of their new collection, Arctic Goddess. This is a picture heavy post, talking you through the event.

These are the nail polishes from the new collection. A gorgeous cool shimmery light blue called Chilling Teal, a green metallic which shines with hints of silver called Green Goddess and that bright vibrant blue with slight shimmer right at the front which has been dominating my finger nails for quite a while now called Arctic Waters.

The blue Avon True Colour palette in the middle is the one from the collection, which is called Arctic Goddess. I still haven’t had a chance to play around with it yet, but when I do I shall be sure to post some pictures. I did however swatch the four shades and they are super pigmented.

The lobby at Mayfair Hotel

The friendly doorman

Within the Penthouse suite

Getting my nails done by the lovely Marian Newman

The event was held in the Penthouse suit at the Mayfair hotel. As you can see from the pictures above it was a lovely venue, and for those of you who have keen eyes you may have spotted Alesha Dixon in one of the pictures. She indeed was present, wearing the collection for her eye look and looked fabulous. She is actually the UK representative for Avon and was lovely to speak to.

With Alesha Dixon

The lovely Pixiwoo sisters

With Sam from Pixiwoo

With Nic from Pixiwoo

I also had the opportunity to speak to the super-model gorgeous Sam and Nic from Pixiwoo. I have to admit I was a little bit more excited to meet them, I’ve been watching their make up videos on YouTube for quite some time and have picked up some amazing tips whilst doing so. I have met them before and it was lovely to be remembered by them too as I am sure they meet lots of different people in their busy lives. I picked up some really good career advice from Nic. Pixiwoo (the duo) work with Avon to showcase different products and looks using Avon and you can have a look on YouTube to pick up some literally life changing tips from them.

Huge array of nail colours at Avon! Didn’t realise how many there were from looking at the catalogue

Lots of eye colours too!

And finally what I really wanted to show you all from the event more than the collection was the Avon make up stand. Usually we flick through pictures in the catalogue deciding what Avon product to go for, or on-line shopping, so it was rather amazing to see it on a stand like you would find Estee Lauder or Benefit.. and being able to swatch products and see how they look before buying. Just take a look at all the foundation colours, all the nail colours, I honestly didn’t know there were so many shades.

I shall leave you with a few pictures of my outfit, what my make up looked like. I wore a body-con type of dress with thick black tights. A little black cardigan to keep me warm, and my favourite black stilettos.

And that is it lovelies, as you can tell from the pictures above I couldn’t help but stop laughing when my lovely friends were snapping away. I always end up feeling awkward in front of the camera unless I’m taking the picture myself and there is no one around to witness! I really enjoyed the event, especially the real life make up stand and I’ve also enjoyed using Avon products a little more often. In my next post, I shall show you all two of the Avon nail colours I am currently wearing and enjoying. Until then, hope you all have a great time and if your in the UK, wrap up warm it’s getting super cold!

Tanzina x

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