L’Artisan: Séville à l’Aube

In July I was able to attend an event in the L’Artisan Parfumeur store in Covent Garden which marked the release of their new perfume, Séville à l’Aube. I had the great opportunity to sit down and have a talk with the master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour who actually was behind the creation of Séville à l’Aube. I thought it would be great to share the day with you and then share my thoughts on the perfume as it is a perfume that is very unique and slightly out of my comfort zone.

With the help of the lovely Justine I was able to navigate myself through some of L’Artisan’s bestsellers (pictured above) and discover the inspiration behind their creation. I love how it’s not just about throwing a few fragrances together, instead it is about trying to capture a moment through the use of perfume. Like a gorgeous citrus based perfume that was inspired by lazy afternoons by the beach, sipping on fresh lemonade.. it adds a whole new level of romance that commercial perfumes now tend to lack.

I fell in love with Nuit de Tubereuse, I love perfumes with tuberose within it but gosh, this was a complete new twist to it. I hadn’t ever experienced a tuberose perfume so intoxicating, and woody and it seemed to be adapting to me the longer it remained on my skin. I know it sounds awfully dramatic, how can a perfume evoke such a reaction however it truly did feel like I found my signature perfume once I sprayed it. You see, tuberose is a flower I had come in contact with many many times whilst in Bangladesh so I know how it’s scent becomes more intoxicating during the late evening.. and it brings back memories of tuberose and jasmine fragrances billowing through corridors late at night. However I’ve never yet found a perfume that could capture that experience, most tuberose perfumes are too floral and synthetic smelling compared to the real thing. However this perfume, it’s not like that, it wasn’t fresh floral.. I can’t even find ways to describe it now that I haven’t smelt it in so long, I think I need to get hold of it again. Just amazing. Again it is a perfume created by the talented Bernard Duchafour.

How beautiful is the packaging for the Christmas gift sets? I was so amazed how much detail just goes into the packaging, I can imagine myself keeping these little boxes as decoration long after the perfumes inside have been used up.

With the lovely Bernard Duchafour

Okay now on the VIP of the event (Very Important Product – get it? Okay, please ignore my geekiness). L’Artisan have launched a limited edition perfume called Séville à l’Aube. I was able to meet the muse behind the perfume, the beautiful Denyse Beaulieu. Watching Bernard and Denise speak about their love of perfume and inspiration behind the perfume was great to witness, their was so much chemistry between the pair. The perfume is based around Denyse’s book  ‘ The Perfume Lover‘ and like the story the perfum is also about a passionate love story in the city of Andalusia. The first scent that jumps straight at me is orange blossom, even though I dislike citrusy perfumes there is something so different about this one. It has many layers that unveil themselves as the day goes on. You knew when you get a freshly picked orange (slightly difficult to get hold of in the UK) and you squeeze the rind and little droplets of juice squeeze out? That’s what this perfume reminds me of. To those who love citrus based perfumes I would definitely recommend trying this one out. I think the incense notes from this perfume really help make it stand out against all the other citrusy perfumes I’ve tried, it really is unique.

You can pick up L’Artisan Perfumes direct from QVC or their website. Of course, stores as well!

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