Gel Eyeliner: Yay or Nay?

I’ve always wanted to use gel eyeliner, always wanted to compare it to liquid and pencil eyeliner and also see how well it lasts on my waterline. I’ve used a gel eyeliner before by Boot’s 17 but it dried within days and I had a feeling it wasn’t a good representative of all the other gel eyeliners in the market so I kept telling myself I will one day try a better quality one. Well now after about a year or so, or more probably, I finally got round to it and have purchased a few gel eyeliners to try out. Read on to see if I remained disappointed or did indeed change my mind. [For swatches, scroll right to the bottom]

[For swatches, scroll right to the bottom]

I ended up going all out and purchasing three gel eyeliners and a gel eyeliner brush. I was then kindly given the chance to try an Avon version, and automatically I thought ‘yes! perfect opportunity to compare’. I picked up two MAC fluidlines as I heard so many good reviews about them and I also grabbed a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear gel eyeliner simply to try a different brand. The Avon one is a Super Shock eye liner, I’ve tried the gel eyeliner pencil and am extremely impressed so I thought it would be good to see how well the gel compares. The brush I picked up was the MAC 266, which is NOT synthetic bristles. I now wish I picked up the synthetic version as it work well with cream products but what can you do? It does the job and I’m not disappointed in it. I may purchase the 208 which looks like it would do a better job and use the 266 for my brows as it is amazing for that. It is priced at £16.00

I knew straight away that I needed to try MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I love how creamy it is and I now use this every time I decide to line my eyes, I no longer use liquid eye liner! Do I prefer it overr liquid eyeliner? It depends really, gel eyeliner seems to give a more soft lined look and liquid provides much more crisp lined eyes. So I think I like both, but if I have one I can definitely live without the other. I really do love the creamy texture, and it stays well on my waterline. The colour is pure black, not that grey black, and I haven’t got anything bad to say about it. You can pick it up for £14.00

This is MAC Fluidline in Dipdown. It’s a lovely matte brown and has all the amazing creamy qualities like Blacktrack. I purchased this because sometimes I want a little softer look for my eyes, and after using this in a bridal make over on a client, I decided I needed one for myself. Staying power is good, and it doesn’t smudge. I’m happy with it and I realise now I need to start using it more because I keep going back to Blacktrack and neglecting this one. Again this is £14.00

This is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear gel eyeliner in Colbat Ink that I picked up. From the pictures online it looked like a navy blue, but a navy blue that looked more blue than black, does that make any sense. Because I love navy blue eyeliner, or blue eyeliner full stop but this product has disappointed me a lot. When I put it on, it looks more black than anything really and doesn’t translate from what you see in the pot when applied. Also the texture, it’s not anywhere close to as creamy as the MAC Fluidlines and is more stiff to work with. On the plus side, it does stay on the waterline really well but if I could go back I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. Some people like the texture a lot but I guess it is more personal preference really. You can pick it up £17.00 but I would recommend seeing it in person first.

Now some good news to balance out the negative above. I was given the chance to try this Avon Super Shock gel eye liner in Shimmering Sapphire and it is exactly the kind of blue I was searching for. And the texture, it glides on really well and is creamy too. It is still navy blue enough for me but bright enough to notice that you are wearing a colour other than black. Staying power is really good, it doesn’t smudge at all and stays on the waterline. I don’t think it can beat Avon’s Super Shock eye liner pencil in the eye liner battle but what can realistically? I really do love it and it’s the cheapest of the lot at £6.oo.

Bobbi Brown & Avon side by side


A closer look

Hope you all enjoyed reading the post, and my thoughts on the eye liners. Overall, gel eyeliners are definitely a yay, I can see myself repurchasing MAC Fluidline and Avon over and over. I hope you all have a lovely day and I shall be speaking to you soon! 

Tanzina x

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  1. im Obsessed with these kinds of liners i use them im my kit all the time i think that they are so versastile and long lasting tbh

    • yup defo, you can get so many different uses out of them. Great for making super cut crease looks too x

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