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Morning all, hope you’ve had a good day! Last week (on Thursday) I was extremely lucky and was invited to view a new Avon collection called Arctic Goddess. The day was an absolute blast, we got to preview the collection and have a play on a real life Avon make up stand. I loved the fact that there was a stand, as usually all we have are the catalogs, so it was really fun to have a play with that.

Today’s post isn’t really much about the event however, it’s more about the nails. We were very fortunate to have celebrity manicurist Marian Newman at hand demonstrating the HUGE range of Avon nail colours and I decided it would be very apt to go for a colour that was in the new collection. Now I have had my nails painted in this colour since Thursday 20th of September, five days later and not yet one chipped nail. I’ve been unpacking as I’ve moved back to my flat in London so that truly is impressive. The colour I decided to go for called Chilling Teal, and it’s a gorgeous light teal blue colour with cool silver iridescent sparkle to it. The name Chilling Teal goes really well with the colour, and it reminds me of winter and snow funnily enough. I can imagine myself using it lots during the winter period (which isn’t far away at all!)

The nail polish application isn’t fully opaque, you need about two to three coats but as it dries really quickly I wasn’t too fussed. I can imagine this looking really good over lots of different nail colours, as it is quite translucent the layers will work really well. I shall leave with a few pictures from the event, of myself getting my nails done. Marian was lovely to meet and talk to, we talked about her career and how she started getting in to nails. I asked her if she could something else, if she had to do something else then what would it be? It was interesting to hear her response, forensic science! It’s so far removed from the world of nails but shows that all your passions don’t need to be in one basket. Ohh I almost forget, she gave a tip for looking after nails.. She said, if you don’t do anything for nails at least use cuticle oil. That’s the one thing you should always use. Note to self: purchase cuticle oil!

Deep in conversation with the lovely Marian

Admiring my nails with Marian

The Avon Arctic Goddess collection is out in November and starts from £6. I think I shall make a post dedicated to an eye look from the eye shadow palette sometime soon. Hope you all have a great day, today I am back to university so head back in books! Take care lovelies x

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