Collective Haul: Mac, Essie, Marks and Spencers etc

Hi lovelies, hope you have all been well. I haven’t done a ‘haul’ post in a while and although I’d like to say that is because I’ve been behaving really well and sticking to my no beauty buying rule, unfortunately that is not true. This post may look like I’ve gone beauty shopping crazy, I probably have, but it’s what I’ve bought from April-July so I’m trying to justify that to myself.

The first products I am going to start with are MAC goodies. I do have a few bits and bobs from MAC but not too much and I really wanted to discover the brand a little bit more and expand my experience with it. I want to eventually have a MAC 15 eyeshadow palette, but I thought to test the waters a bit first I’d start with a core quad palette, with everyday essential colours I thought I would use most often. So I purchased 4 eyeshadow pans and quad palette. I also wanted more lipsticks, so I picked up three gorgeous colours, two which I had my eyes on for quite some time!

The eyeshadow colours I picked up are: Brulee, as it made for such a perfect highlight colour for my browbone and for blending colours out. Wedge, as it makes for a great base, a neutral skin tone colour which is great for me as I like a nude eyelid! Brown Down, I find this colour to be great on my crease and bottom lash line for a more defined eye and finally Carbon, the perfect matte black to run along the lashline or to create a smokey eye. I put a lot of thought into selecting the colours, as I didn’t want to waste but instead get products I will get a lot of use out of. I find myself reaching for this palette for 90% of eye looks that I do now.

Girl About Town, Fast Play, Ruby Woo

Picking up the lipstick colours were really easy for me. I know I wanted a matte red, and which other one would you go for other than Ruby Woo? I also wanted a bright pink, in a shade I didn’t already own and Girl About Town just jumped at me. It was actually a toss up between Girl About Town and Amplified and I think my next lipstick buy will definitely have to be Amplified by MAC as I was really impressed with it. The last colour I picked was Fast Play, I was looking for an everyday pink based nude colour for my skintone, that I could easily swipe on and Fast Play seemed to look like it would do that job. I’m glad to say it did, and it has been receiving a lot of attention.

Now on to the next bit of shopping. You may remember that a while ago, Superdrug were doing 3 for 2 on all beauty products. Well I really wanted a matte topcoat and when I heard Superdrug were stocking Essie, I knew I had to take advantage of the offer and pick up the Matte About You topcoat. I also loved the look of Mint Candy Apple and decided to opt for that as well. For my third product I looked everywhere, I really couldn’t decide what to go for. Eventually I settled for Max Factor Pink Brandy lipstick as I don’t have any MF lipsticks and went for a coral shade. I didn’t have any corals at that point, so the sheer coral coverage the lipstick provided seemed like a winner to me.

Sorry, I forgot to take pics of these two. Hope this will do 

The next lot of beauty buys were actually not meant to happen, they weren’t planned and seemed to good to resist. I was with my friend in M&S,  browsing shoes and we noticed a little sale section near the cosmetics. I didn’t think I would be picking anything up at all, that is until I saw the prices. The prices were ridiculously cheap, and the quality seemed so good that I couldn’t resist and ended up picking up a few pieces. I picked up 3 lipsticks and 1 lipgloss for the grand total of £8! That works out to be £2 each, which is ridiculous for the quality. You can pick up some good lippies from places like Superdrug for £2 however these are much more luxurious in comparison. The lipgloss I picked up from the Perfection range is a deep wine colour called ‘Claret‘, it’s super pigmented and goes on really smoothly. I haven’t really had much use out of it as it is quite a heavy colour, but I can see myself using it lots in the winter and I choose it bearing that in mind. I also picked up a pink shade lipstick called ‘Very Pink‘, a super bright coral called ‘Tangerine‘ and an unusual gorgeous gold called ‘Golden Kiss‘. Now the gold I bought knowing it would look gorgeous on the middle of my lips, over reds and pinks and I’m happy to find out I was right. The coral shade, I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little scared to wear but I will somehow ease myself into it!

Very Pink, Tangerine, Golden Kiss

Finally, the last item I picked up was one I really didn’t need but considering it was free I couldn’t really not get it. I’m almost out of my Urban Decay Primer Potion, and I had lots of Debenhams beauty points stocked up on my card so I decided rather than letting them go to waste I’d stock up on something I definitely would repurchase once it has run out. This tube has remained unopened so far, but I know that once I run out of the Primer Potion that I currently have now.. I will be so relieved that I have a back up. Plus I didn’t have to add any extra money to my points to purchase this and that is always a bonus right? I absolutely love the UD Primer Potion, best eye primer I have ever tried. Naked Cosmetics one is a close second!

And that is it. Well, I also had to stock up on nail polish remover so I picked up the Bourjois nail polish remover (not too impressed to be honest) but other than that I haven’t bought any other beauty related items. I think I may do a simple eye look for the MAC palette, and do a picture tutorial here. I think it is about time I started doing tutorials and the palette is the perfect excuse to start right? Hope you all enjoyed this post & enjoy the rest of the week!

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