Nail Lovin’: Orly Electronica Collection

Hi lovelies, how’s your summer going? I’ve been meaning to share this post with you all for quite a while however as it’s a nail post and I’m redecorating.. the constant chipping of nails has left me unable to take pretty swatch pictures for you! And this polish was too pretty to have a post with simple generic stock pictures so I decided to have a pamper day and give redecorating a rest.Decoded, Preamp, Shockwave and Synchro

 Last month, Orly launched their new A/W 12 collection called ‘Electronica’. The colours are quite eccentric and really nothing like the fluorescent Orly summer ready polishes I recently featured. When looking at the pictures, being the girly-girl I am I automatically deviated to the pretty pink polish called ‘Preamp’. However the polish that intrigued me most was ‘Decoded’, it was so unlike any grey shades I’d stumbled across and really wanted to see it on my nails. ‘Synchro’ too looks like an unusual petrol colour polish and I think I may just have to pick it up also.

‘Decoded’ is a lovely grey colour with a hint of blue or green depending what lighting your in and I haven’t seen another colour like it by any other brand. It went on really smoothly thanks to Orly’s creamy texture and was really opaque so two coats were more than enough. No topcoat was necessary to smooth the polish out and that is quite a relief as I think I’m going through my Seche Vite too quickly. I honestly love it and can see myself pairing with some bright outfits once we get a bit of sun here!

With Max Factor Fantasy Fire

I decided to add a little perk to my manicure by jazzing up my accent nail with a bit of ‘Fantasy Fire’ by Max Factor. You can pick a huge 18ml bottle of Decoded up for £10.25 and it should be out now. What do you think about the collection, and which colour would you have gone for?

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