For NARS sake!: Foreplay Palette

Why, oh why do NARS keep doing this to me. I though UK used to be called Treasure Island, not Avoid-at-all-costs Island! Am I just not good enough for them *sobs*. Just take a look at this in order to understand my anguish. I introduce you to NARS Foreplay palette, my latest unrequited love that clearly doesn’t feel the same way about me. Before I get into I’d like to say why does every makeup product have a sexually charged phrase included? We’re not on looking up different porn categories, they’re beauty products stop selling us sex.

This palette is basically NARS Orgasm de-constructed. The large pan is the iconic NARS Orgasm, then there is a matte pink, matte peach and a gorgeous gold highlight shimmer. You can basically create your own ‘Orgasm’ shade to suit yourself by layering and blending the colours together. However, as usual, it is out of reach for us UK NARS blush/bronzer lovers and is a Sephora exclusive. Ah how I drool for you, unattainable palette. BUT I try to reconcile myself by telling myself it’s okay, I’m not a huge fan of the renowned Orgasm shade, I already have it [read here] and although the gold shimmer highlighter would no doubt really compliment my tan olive skin tone, there will be other palettes.

And actually the rumour mill is saying there WILL be another palette released after the success of the Sephora exclusive Danmari Palette which again I was unable to get hold of. There is going to be another palette similar to the Danmari one, and bound to be amazing just like its predecessor. Great news right? NOT. Apparently it will be a Nordstrom exclusive, and we don’t have one those either. Why couldn’t it be a Selfridges or Harrods exclusive. I don’t care if it’s even Sainsbury’s exclusive or Primark, just bring it to the UK! Is there something the other countries are doing that we are not? Do I need to write to my local council, the prime minister? Oh gosh, I’ve clearly become obsessed with beauty products.

For all you lucky so and so’s, the Foreplay palette will be $49 and will be released in the ‘Fall’
I didn’t really want it any way. Hmphh.

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  1. This is available in uk in august

    Danmari was also in the uk via nars uk website. I bought one from there x

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