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Hi lovelies, how you all holding up. Currently I am redecorating and juggling a new job whilst guilt eats away at me due to not blogging as often as possible. However hopefully all will turn out okay, and I will have a newly decorated room as a backdrop for pictures I post on here. I thought for today’s post I would share with you brushes I’m currently using and loving. 

As you can see, the brand of brushes I’ve been playing around with for the past few months is Japonesque. Japonesque was brand I pretty much never heard of until I spotted a few of their brushes in my local Boots. I’ve gone on to discover much more from the brand, you can read about one of my amazing slash life changing discoveries [here]. I have two full sized brushes from the brand and three travel size brushes. I’m not much of a foundation user, so I probably haven’t used the Pro Angled Foundation brush enough to give you a full in depth review of it, however I’ve not had an issue with it the amount of times I have tried it. The bristles are firm and spread foundation evenly, and I think I prefer the angled tip over rounded tip as it meant I was able to get underneath my eyes and sides of nose (basically all the difficult areas) really comfortably. I like to give honest and reliable reviews to you all, so I really can’t say much more on the brush with such little use. However maybe when I do start getting a bit more use, I shall let you know.

The full size Pro Finishing Fan brush however is a brush I’ve been thoroughly using to apply highlighter to the top of my cheekbones almost every day. I’ve recently found myself using highlighter much more than usual, and it’s become an every day necessity for me. This brush is perfect for applying it with, and the bristles are good for not packing on too much product and making me look like a clown. I personally think this brush has been perfect for shimmers and also loose translucent powder to take the shine away! The third brush is the travel size Lux Bronzer brush. I wouldn’t necessarily say its perfect for sculpting with your bronzer, however it is perfect if your going for the bronzed, just tanned look. I for one am tan enough as it is, and prefer to sculpt instead. However saying that, this brush is SO GOOD for blending out harsh lines that sometimes sculpting your face can leave and also when I find I’ve been heavy handed with the blusher/bronzer, I just pack in some translucent powder into the brush and swirl it on. I find that helps tone it down quite a bit making this a very handy brush.
I thought you might like a closer look at my favourite brushes from Japonesque, and I’ve tried to make it a bit easier for you to do so. I hope you like the picture below!

This is the travel size Blush brush, and without doubt my favourite from all the brushes. I use this so often so applying blush, powder and umm more blush? I love how soft the bristles are and how nicely the bristle deposit colour on my cheeks. I honestly have no idea how brush technology works, and won’t attempt to understand it however whatever they are doing with this brush they should do it to all! I’m not one to rave about a product unless I really do love it and I do love this little beauty. Also, I love the fact that it is travel size, I’m not too much of a fan of full size brushes, I don’t know why but I guess I’m just not. I find travel size ones are much more handy and easier to use and of course perfect for travel. If I haven’t stressed enough I absolutely adore this. I need to get more!

This is another firm favourite of mine, but not as much as the Blush brush. I introduce you to the travel Smudger brush, the first of its kind I have tried. Of course it comes in a really handy size but more than that, it helps make the ultimate smokey eye look perfect. I love a good smokey eye, it’s my most favourite eye makeup look to do but I do struggle to blend efficiently along the bottom lash line. As I like to accentuate the bottom lash time with mascara, sometimes accidents do happen and you end up with a mascara smudge just below the lash line. This brush has helped save me from starting all over again and instead I just smudge, blend and smoke it out. It has become a staple in my smokey eye creation, and it’s bristles are small enough to ensure that when I do smoke it out I don’t end up like a drag queen.

My experience with Japonesque brushes has been great and now I have the urge to go and grab more from their brush range. I think I will be heading for the travel collection for my little hands however if your trying to find which range is perfect for you I would suggest trying both full and travel size just to see the difference. You can pick up Japonesque brushes and goodies from HQhair who I have just spotted have an offer on the UD Naked palette. Spend a £100 and you get one free! If I hadn’t already picked one up ages ago I would have done all my summer beauty shopping just then! (Lucky escape bank balance!) Until next time have a lovely week and I shall try fit you in between my redecorating! Tanzina x

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