Summer Necessities: Sure Women ‘Linen Dry’ Antiperspirant

Today I thought I’d share a quick post with regarding a product that has made summer heat a lot easier for me to manage. I like to wear chiffon a lot in the summer.. And currently although there is sun every now and then, we seem to be having much more humid weather than sun honing weather! The problem with chiffon is, if you develop some unsightly sweat patches, it really spreads and develops a tell tale patch for all to see. Not flattering at all! 

 I’m more of a roll on fan, however I thought I would give this Sure ‘Linen Dry’ antiperspirant a go and surprisingly, I’m starting to prefer it over my usual roll ons! I’m not sure why, but it seems to be more effective and I really love the fragrance the antiperspirant leaves. The scent contains water lily which is one of my favourite fragrances ever so I can see why the scent appeals to me. It quickly has become on my summer necessities, and I am tempted to try the roll on version and compare and see if it is just as effective.
It leaves my underarms moisture free, which is impressive as I’m currently redecorating and moving around quite a bit. The skin on my hands ate starting to crack actually with all the manual labour! I’m constantly having to pop out and grab items from the shops to help with redecorating, and it’s really good to know that my antiperspirant is going to hold up and not let me down despite the fact I put it on hours ago! The antiperspirant is supposed to keep you fresh for 48hrs however I haven’t really attempted to test that out, who does?! All I know is that I’ve mean much more active than I usually am, and I’m remaining more protected than usual which is great. The deodorant has a motionsense system which means micro-capsules are released and sit on the surface of the skin and as a result of friction in the underarm, the capsules break when you move and release bursts of freshness throughout the day.  Sure say ‘Sure Women Linen Dry is the perfect deodorant for women on the go’ and I can’t help but agree.

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