Stocking Up on Necessities: Dove

I was in Boots restocking up on every day products, and I thought I’d share with you the two beauty-ish related products I repurchased. I am now back in my family home, which means I now have a bath tub again as my flat in London doesn’t come with a tub (which is bordering on illegal in my opinion). I’m not sure why, but I don’t like using soap in the shower I prefer shower gels instead, so I decided it was high time to return to using soap again now that I have a bath tub back in my life.

For years now, the only soap that is always in my house is the Dove original soap. My family use shower gels, body wash, bath creme… really a variety of differing body washing products but my father does not budge from his soap. He isn’t comfortable with anything other than soap, Dove original preferably, so I’ve grown up with a bar of Dove constantly in the bathroom. As my skin dries out a bit I decided to repurchase the Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter soap which I have used before. It was 3 for 2 in Boots across the range so I picked up three packs of 4 for £2.40, I know it sounds like a lot of soap but as I know my dad would use it, it made sense to stock up! A quarter of the soap is moisturising cream, and smells of vanilla which is one of my favourite scents. Last time I used it, I liked it and left my body feeling clean so I decided to pick it up some more for myself and my daddy.

I also noticed that the Dove Indulgent Nourishment Shea Body Lotion was on offer with a 1/3 off. Usually it is £5.10 and now it was down to £3.40 and as I am out of body lotion I thought it would be a perfect way to keep the scent of the soap lingering on my skin. I’ve actually had this before, but as I had so many body moisturisers I gave it to my sister to try. She ended up using it all up and I only used it once (the cheek!) but since she recommended it I decided to repurchase and this time not share! She said after a few uses her skin felt softer, so I’m looking forward to finding out if it does that for me.

Oooh, a complete coincidence has occurred! This post has been in my draft for a few days now as I edit and take pictures for you all and the lovely Nikki from Dove has contacted me with some exciting news. I have let her know that I think it would go perfectly with this post. Dove have decided to make real women’s designs become stars of digital exhibition. Here is the information regarding this new exciting launch:

The Dove By You Exhibition launches exclusively for Facebook fans

 Dove  launches The Dove By You Exhibition at to encourage fans to showcase what the beauty brand means to them.  Real Women will incorporate the iconic bird image within creative designs that have emotional resonance for them – from a place that inspires them, to a person who makes them feel beautiful.

Celebrating its 55th birthday this year, Dove has a host of loyal Real Women who have grown up with the brand boosting their body image, and having pride of place in their bathroom cabinets.  Last year alone nearly 400 Dove products were bought by UK women every minute, showing the extent of its influence on beauty regimes around the country.The Dove By You Exhibition will run for one month on the Dove Facebook page, and aims to reach over 825,000 Real Women in the UK and Ireland.  Through taking part in the exhibition, fans will be provided with a design toolkit to enable and encourage their inspirational entries – all using the Dove bird icon to show what the brand means to them.

The personalised designs can be a photograph, drawing or graphic incorporating the Dove bird – the more creative the better.  Once digitally submitted, the designs will be showcased for fans to enjoy and ‘like’, with the most likes of each week being celebrated on the Facebook wall. The first 100 entries will receive a unique set of 10 printed postcards featuring their bespoke design to share with friends. Women can visit to access The Dove By You Exhibition, running for 1 month from Monday 18th June 2012.

Hmm.. I am actually really tempted to take part actually! I wanted to do a bit of art this summer, and this sounds like a perfect opportunity. I shall let you all know if I decide to take part. Until next time, have a great day lovelies! 

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