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Morning morning, I have reason to be so energetic.. Exams are officially over until 2013! I have finally penned my blog post on my skincare which I get quite a few questions on, and I hope you enjoy reading.

Today I have a post to share with you that I’ve been really looking forward to writing. It’s about my skincare and a discovery that has changed it completely. Some of you may remember I wrote a post some time ago about Elemis Freshskin (here). I’ve been using products from the brand for almost two months and it has made such a difference. I feel awfully grown up as I have a set skincare routine and that’s never happened before! Previously I was just yoyoing between different products trying a bazillion brands and trying to find something permanent to stick to.

My skin is quite dry, and needs constant moisturising. I really do need to make sure I slather moisturiser on, use gentle face washes and use Vaseline everywhere if I want to avoid dry patches. And even then I end up with the dreaded patches. I have a beloved saviour that I’ve used for quite some time and that’s the Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream. You can usually find it in the E45 section of the cream aisle, so you can imagine how intensive it really is. However the moisturiser is quite thick and too heavy to just wear and go, as it is quite greasy. I don’t wear foundation so the sheen is always obvious, and I love a matte finish. I have to resort to wearing translucent powder to make it less obvious, and I like my skin to be make up free so it is a bit of a compromise.

This is where this beauty steps in. This Super Boost Moisturising Serum is perfect for wearing just before stepping out of the house. I use it constantly by itself, and if I want extra moisture, I use it under my moisturiser. I don’t use it at night time, but throughout the day I find myself constantly returning to it. I love the consistency, it’s light and not oily in the slightest. I actually prefer to Lancome Genifique which I was using previous to this serum. It is much more suited to my age group and skin type, because of course most serum aren’t aimed at the young teen and twenties.  The serum is really good for making lifeless skin look more radiant and it is also quite a handy size so I can throw in my handbag without it weighing it down. Due to winds, and weird temperatures making my skin dry out especially in the London Underground, this comes in very useful.

The next product that’s become a permanent addition to my skin care routine is this day time moisturiser. This is the FreshSkin Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser. I would definitely say this is a day time one and not a night time, and softly softly is such an apt name for it. It’s not too intense (like Oilatum) and leaves my skin feeling revived, it is light and not greasy at all. You can see from the picture of the above the consistency isn’t too thick at all. The one problem I have with it is that the container isn’t see through like the others, so I can’t see how much I’m using. I love that the serum and face wash are see through, I can see exactly how quickly I’m going through it all. Luckily  a little goes a long way especially with the cleanser and serum, and I have a feeling that is the same with the moisturiser.

Lavender – to trigger calming effects
It took me quite a while to figure out what scent I could pick to when applying the day cream. Honestly my sense of smell is extremely unsophisticated as it took me weeks to realise the slight floral scent was lavender. Lavender isn’t a complex scent at all and I can’t believe it took me so long to put a finger on it. Now I’m not a lavender fan, but the scent is so slight it isn’t as consuming as I remember it usually being.  I was also happy to know that the moisturiser contains camomile which will help calm irritated skin and also tones it. To make this product absolutely outta-this-world perfect, I wish it had SPF. But maybe then it would have that horrid SPF shine, and I’m not willing to compromise on that!
All foamy in my room!

The next and last (but not least) product I’ve been using is this Peachy Perfect Gentle Face Wash. Gosh, I don’t think ever I’ve used a face wash this foamy. Its very soft but efficient at removing any last bit of makeup I have left. I still use Bioderma as a makeup remover, but Bioderma makes my skin feel makeup free where as this makes my face feel clean. I think previous face washes were too harsh on my skin, and this cleanser is perfectly named as it really is ‘gentle’. I don’t have the usual tightness feeling I used to get after cleansing. I used to think that was a normal side effect but I’m glad to learn I was wrong. The cleanser also contains lemon oil which is good as it helps give my skin a little boost in the morning showers and helps to make my skin feel revived.
I haven’t tried using this as a makeup removing cleanser but I do think it would be too weak to use as an eye makeup remover, especially waterproof. I think face make up would easily remove, but maybe not the rest. If your looking for a complete makeup removing cleanser, then unfortunately this wouldn’t be for you.Now since using the products I’ve had two skin cycles and a dry patch hasn’t appeared yet. In the summer I tend to get more dry patches, so I’m sure it’s more than coincidence one hasn’t appeared just yet. I can’t wait to find out if this summer will somehow be the first summer I go without patches. I will definitely keep you in the loop about how I get on with it.

Words cannot express how happy I am to find this skincare range, I am quite a drama queen at times, but believe me when I say I am not exaggerating. My favourite product? It has to be the serum. It’s made my life simpler and helped my skin look healthier when I go out as I’m not coating it in translucent powder any more. So where does this leave my beloved Oilatum? It’s still close to my heart and I use it every two or three nights before I go to bed. I use it almost as an over night moisture mask, lathering lots on and letting it soak into my skin (and pillowcase!) overnight. It’s still a keeper.

What else I’m going to trial out? Recently I was able to get hold on the FreshSkin soothing eye gel and also the Skin Glow exfoliating face wash. I’ve been using the eye gel quite a bit and neglecting my Origins Ginzing eye cream. I’ve been enjoying it but that’s a whole new post, I need to trial it for a bit longer before I let you all know how I got along with it. The scrub smells delicious by the way *happy face*. I may pop into an Elemis skin lab thingy, and find out how my skin is getting on and what it’s lacking. I will definitely get back to all with the results if I do get the chance to go (even if it’s terrible) and will speak to you soon! Enjoy the sun lovelies and don’t forget the sunscreen.
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  1. I’ve bee trying out the serum, but not finding it does much for me. Maybe I’m too old now. :-p Or I need to try it with the range as a whole. I love the concept of a premium skincare brand releasing a range specifically for younger skin though, I’m sure it will do well.

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