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Hi lovelies, this post is quite different from my usual beauty related posts and lifestyle writing. Actually in hindsight it IS actually about life style but not necessarily mine. Those located in the UK may have recently watched a programme aired on BBC 3 called Glamour Model Mum, Baby and Me. I was actually looking forward to seeing the documentary/reality tv programme as I had previously watched Glamour Model Mum and Me two years ago and enjoyed watching it. Since then much has changed in both the people in the programme and their lives as well as my own life. For me, I now have a platform to voice my opinion which I now shall do.

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When I first heard about the programme airing two years ago, I expected a self-obsessed glamour model with a daughter who is being raised with bad principles, in a bad environment and destined to lead a bad future. Reading a book by it’s cover? Probably, but the media attention pretty much screamed the same thing at the time too. I was awfully mistaken, instead I witnessed an obviously close and loving relationship between a mother and daughter, despite the mother’s controversial career and life choices. The daughter, Georgia Douvall appeared extremely mature for her age and also respectful even in the most trying situations. I was rather excited to see what this instalment of their lives would provide.

Y0u can watch the programme [here]

The programme basically is about Alicia Douvall, a glamour model who is addicted to plastic surgery (to the point of having 16 boob jobs), who has a 17 year old daughter called Georgia. If you’re looking for a boob job yourself, Alicia recommends speaking to surgeons all over the world to find the best one for you, from Breast Augmentation Surgery in Westchester to Australia, you need to make sure you find the best surgeon for you. However, with the arrival of baby Papaya, we witness the changes the family face and how Georgia is affected by the arrival. As there doesn’t appear to be a father figure in the girls lives, Georgia takes a lot of responsibility and aids her mother quite a bit. We get an insight into their every day life.

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I don’t want to get too much into ranting and raving about Alicia Douvall and her lifestyle but I just want to say that I was really impressed with her strict upbringing choices when it came to her daughter Georgia. Rather than labelling the programme ‘Glamour Model Mum..’ they should just name it ‘Model Mum’ because even with her flaws and issues, she truly is a model mother in my opinion (you are free to disagree). Is she perfect at parenting? Of course not, but have you met anyone who is?

Alicia definitely seems to have made a lot of mistakes in her life. She has had countless plastic surgery operations which probably stemmed from insecurities, career choices haven’t exactly been of role model material and her love life hasn’t always been successful. But it seems all her mistakes have been a lesson for her daughter as much as herself. We now witness how her obsession with plastic surgery has turned sour and appear to be weakening. But what really appealed to me is the relationship the two share. Although Alicia and Georgia are really close, but that doesn’t mean Alicia views her daughter as her friend. She still behaves as a parent, imposing strict rules and curfews to make sure that her daughter doesn’t repeat her own mistakes. Rather than letting her go out to parties, she throws a party which she herself is present in. Yes, her tastes are a bit eccentric… she throws a pimp and whore themed party but in my opinion that is a far less crime compared to parents who let their children attend unsupervised parties involving drugs and drinks. I’ve personally seen too many parents mistake their children as their ‘friend’ and their leniency results in tragic situations such as drug overdose and violent fights.

My parents were quite strict on me, to the same extent as Alicia throughout high school. Although I resented it at the time, now at 21 I look back and I truly appreciate it. They helped me avoid so many unpleasant experiences, and I think Alicia is doing just the same for her children. I’ve read a few articles on news sites such as Daily Mail, slating Alicia for her choices and yes there are some choices that deserve such slating but where are the much deserved compliments? I was quite touched by how well bought up Georgia was, so respectful and not to mention naturally beautiful… I just thought, her mother as a single parent MUST be doing something right to raise a child like that. Georgia has her head into education and I definitely do not agree with Alicia’s surgery interfering with that and hopefully now she has decided to quit surgery, it no longer will interfere. Alicia says the greatest thing she has achieved is her happy family, a safe and loved family unit and it’s lovely to see she recognises that. I find that old fashioned curfews and strict upbringing (by that I don’t mean extreme upbringing) has been thrown aside a lot in society, and those who embrace parenthood positively in such a way should be recognised.

I don’t know why I felt like I had to get this off my chest, but I’m glad I did. Everyone deserves credit where it is due, and Alicia Douvall definitely does. If she raises her baby daughter Papaya just as well as Georgia, she will end up with two beautiful and delightful children.

– I know some may not agree with my views, but that’s okay as everyone has their own opinion. I hope you didn’t mind reading mine! Rant over, do let me know if you enjoy reading my opinions or if you prefer I keep them to myself.

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