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With the sun playing hide and seek in the UK, it is extremely easy to be neglecting the compulsory SPF. I have to admit, SPF and heat protectant for hair are the two biggest beauty rules I always somehow manage to overlook despite knowing their importance. However one thing that I can be proud about saying is that I rarely skip applying SPF to my lips and I will show you over a few posts how I ensure my lips rarely go without SPF-ing!

If you haven’t guessed from the title and picture, the products I will be talking about are by Carmex. I was a late discoverer when it came to Carmex, I only discovered my love for it when I was around 17-18. I specifically remember using my friends Carmex tube in college, and then rushing out at lunchtime to purchase it at an ASDA which was close by. Since then, I haven’t had a day in my life where I haven’t owned a Carmex tube (I now am 21). I also have pots of Carmex although I tend to use that on dry patches around my nose rather than my lips!

This strawberry flavoured tube of moisturising goodness contains SPF 15 and actually this is my first time deviating from the original no flavour Carmex tube. I love the strawberry Carmex during the day time, because as its applied on my lips, my nose benefits from the scent. However I really don’t like it during night time, before bed simply because I like to sleep with a blank mouth before bed. I know it sounds odd, but I cannot eat anything before bed and then fall asleep. I need water to eliminate the taste and this strawberry Carmex reminds me too much of food! However I’ve been using my original carmex for years now before bed, so I stick to that before bed time. I now have a daytime tube and night time tube. Also, I hear they have a mint flavour, I can’t wait to try it and need to jot it down on my shopping list.

This is the Carmex Moisture Plus in Pink Sheer Tint. If you purchased a Revlon Lip Butter hoping it was a cross between a sheer lipstick and lip balm, you would’ve been left disappointed like I was. Don’t mistake me, I DO love them but they weren’t what I was expecting them to be. THIS however is exactly what I was expecting in a lip butter and it also contains SPF 15. I have used tinted lip balms before and felt that the colour pay off wasn’t great in the sense it seemed almost chalky when dried. However with this sheer tint, it does exactly what it says on the tube and leaves a really nice natural tint to my lips. I have been going through this so quickly, and that possibly is the only negative thing I have to say about it. It seems to be finishing really quickly, but maybe I am loving it too much!

This comes in 3 different tints currently: Clear, Pink Sheer Tint and Peach Sheer tint

Finally this is the Original Carmex tub . This unfortunately doesn’t have SPF and I’ve had a look at my local Boots to see of there is an SPF version. Unfortunately there isn’t, but that isn’t a reason for me to abandon it. I don’t use it on my lips much, like I said I use it on dry patches. I’ve also started using it around my cuticles and they seem much softer. However, I do prefer the SPF Carmex alternatives. Fingers crossed (if there isn’t one out already) Carmex will soon bring out an SPF version of this!

Talking about new releases, I have spied two new Mositure Plus balms on the US website, in a berry and plum. As I’ve loved using the pink and peach tint versions, I’m desperate for the new tints to be released in the UK sometime very very soon! Cross your fingers for me, and hopefully they will land on our shores in the next few weeks (days, if possible please.)

I know MakeupAtoZ has been neglected for quite a while, and I get super anxious if I’m not posting regularly. Please bear with me, I have posts for you but as I’m travelling across the country quite a bit, I’ve struggled to find time. I’m currently writing this on the train, and looking forward to returning to you all with regular posts! Have a lovely day beauties x

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  1. i didn’t know carmex made tinted lip balms! and i love the strawberry carmex too, once when i had it on my mum thought i was wearing perfume, it smelt so good!

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