Happy Jubilee: QVC Imperial State Crown

Happy Jubilee long weekend! Hope you all are having lots of fun on your days off and pretending the grey weather is bright and sunny like I am. I am off to Cornwall on Tuesday, just an overnight stay and I’m attempting to stay optimistic and hope the sun will shine for my little trip. However even if it does not shine, I refuse to let that ruin my mini-break for I am going with my family and extended family so there should be around 30 of us travelling together which is going to extremely entertaining. 

In light of the celebrations, I thought I would share a few pictures of the Queen’s Imperial State Crown that I had the luxury of viewing up close. Okay, I admit I may be tweaking the truth slightly. Instead this is the QVC replica made out of 2,276 replica Diamonique stones which took 30 days to complete. It is so pretty to look at and so sparkly, I was tempted to lift it up and wear it. However with a price tag of £10,528 I didn’t want to take the risk with my super buttery fingers!

At the QVC event – later to be auctioned off for Breast Cancer Care

The crown is really pretty and I have to admit I’m a little bit proud with the way the pictures turned out. I will share more pictures from the QVC event soon, and details on what went on and what I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with! Until then I hope you enjoy the rest of the celebration events/time off and I will return back from Cornwall hopefully with some lovely pictures to share.

Have a great day lovelies, and oh if you are not based in the UK.. just wear something red white and blue and you will fit right in with our nations celebrations (hey that rhymed!) – Don’t forget to like on Bloglovin’ & HelloCotton if you liked this post xx

-Tanzina xx

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  1. Dear Tanzina

    could you advice please if imperial crown replica for sale please send me price with shipping cost

    thanks and please respond to my email

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