Favourite Products of the Month: May

Hi lovelies, long time huh? I have been missing blogging quite a bit, and hate that life has been interfering with my blogging mojo! Although desperately late, I have decided to share with you my monthly favourites. Please ignore how dirty it is (no, I don’t mean it like that silly, tut!)

I have been absolutely loving my Real Technique brushes, which I have found to be an absolute godsend. They are so soft, practical and travel friendly and are fully worthy of being my monthly favourite. I absolutely love the brushes and the case it comes with as I find I can pack all my every day brushes into one case and travel back and forth from London with my brushes falling all over my suitcase.

I have two sets from the Real Technique brush collection, and I find that they are the two perfect sets to get to become fully accustomed to the range. The bristles are synthetic, meaning they wash out easily and retain their shape well and the handles are really sturdy. I reach for these brushes every day. The brushes were another present I received on my birthday from my beautiful friends, Shanaz and Yasmin, who knew I was lusting over these brushes.

The first set I have is the Real Technique Core Collection which consists of four brushes. The brushes are: a detail brush (for concealing/small areas/lips), a pointed foundation brush, a buffing brush and also a contour blush. The pointed foundation brush is the one I use least as I’m not much of a foundation wearer however the other three I am definitely enjoying. I would say my favourite is definitely the contour brush, I absolutely love it and find it to be extremely soft. I use it to contour my cheeks and also apply blush and highlighter, and find myself reaching for it everyday. It is a clear winner in my eyes.

Sorry about the dirty one – but as you can tell, I do use it often

The second set I have is the Real Technique Starter Kit which consists of five brushes. The brushes are: an all over base eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, a small accent brush (for under the lash line), an eyeliner brush and a brow brush. I don’t get much use out of the eyeliner brush to be honest, as I use liquid eyeliner that comes with it’s own applicator. However I am starting to feel the urge to move on to gel eyeliner soon and think that the brush may come to be very useful. My favourite? Ah, that is really difficult to decide. I think it is probably the large base shadow brush, which I use for applying concealor and my Touche Eclat, it truly has changed concealor application for me and made it much easier. Also the brow brush, it’s helped make my brows look much more defined.

My most used brushes

I love how the brush sets aren’t just brush sets but also are accompanied by a good quality brush case. I also love how the brush case is not just a brush case and is also a brush stand! It houses my most used brushes so I can quickly grab them while the rest of my brushes live in their brush pot. That way I don’t need to go rooting for brushes and have them all ready for me in the case. Also, although now I am back for the summer, the case came very handy whilst travelling to and fro from London.

All in all, I am really impressed with the brush range bought to us by Samantha Chapman, and am tempted to pick up a few more brushes from the range. I know that they will last me a long time, especially as they don’t shed unlike some more expensive brushes I’ve picked up in the past. You can grab these from Boots and the sets cost £20.99 each. Sometimes there are 3 for 2 offers, so look out for those!

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