The Perfect Spritz: Travalo

Travalo has been making quite a splash in the beauty world, and most bloggers and youtubers in this field will probably have heard of it already. However I don’t think that many people outside that circle have discovered it just yet and I really do believe they should! I’ve been lusting after one for quite some time and am so happy to finally get my hands on one. Okay so by now you may all now I travel from London quite often, and this seemed like the ultimate must have to throw in my handbag. So to describe it as simple as possible, this basically is a little perfume bottle that fills itself up from a big perfume bottle. That is it.

How to insert perfume into the Travalo. Simple isn’t it?

I know it sounds a little too simple to be possible, well that’s what I thought when first heard of the concept but it really is that easy. As you can see from the picture above, at the base of the Travalo it has a little suction thing, and that’s where the perfume is inserted. You simply pump it from the original bottle of your choice, fill it up and your ready to spray. It really has made my life simpler because all my perfume bottles are the largest size possible, usually around 100ml, and they don’t get used up at all as I can never be bothered to carry them around due to their weight. This however fills up only 5ml so its light and you don’t have to wait ages to change the perfume inside.

It’s quite sleek isn’t it? Mine is the pink Travalo Excel, which is perfect for a girly-girl like myself but the Travalo comes in 10 different colours to suit lots of different types of people. The Travalo is made from aircraft grade aluminium so you don’t have to worry about it breaking as the glass isn’t dangerous. It has also been approved for hand luggage on board flights and each Travalo holds around 65 sprays. I only like to write about things that I truly love on MakeupAtoZ as I prefer positivity but there is no such thing as a perfect product right? So for that reason I like to ask myself, if I could change something what would it be? I think for me personally, I don’t really like the packaging, the product is so sleek and feels luxurious and I really don’t the packaging reflects that as it is too plasticy. By packaging I mean the case it comes in! But other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.

Perfect fit in my palm

You can get Travalo at The Fragrance Shop and here in the UK. The Travalo Excel (the one I have) is 14.99 in euros on their site however right now there is 20% of The Fragrance Shop for Travalo Essential, making it only £7.99.

Overall, I am really like my Travalo and it has become a permanent addition to my handbag, regardless of whether I’m travelling or going off to do a bit of shopping. I definitely would recommend it to anyone and I think they’ll  make such thoughtful presents so will be sure to stock up. Also, to all you Facebook users out there, if you Like the Travalo page, you all have a chance to win a Travalo every single day. It’s the ‘daily spray’ competition and one definitely worth checking out! Hope you all have a lovely day.

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  1. i really want to get one of these for when i go on holiday so i won’t have to take a big, bulky glass bottle with me :) xx

    • I know, that is usually such a headache as perfume bottles end up getting so heavy! I think I want more now so I can carry lots of different types of perfumes around with me!

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