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Hi lovelies, hope you are well. Sorry about the lack of posts, only yesterday I had my first exam and have one more to go till I am free as a bird. Fingers crossed time will fly by very quickly and I will be back to you as soon as possible.

Today my post is about an event I attended a few weeks back and thought it would be fun to share with you all. When the invite popped up in my inbox, immediately I was super excited because I spotted the St. Ives logo in the corner. St. Ives was the first ever exfoliating wash I ever tried, way back when the packaging was much larger and mostly white. I’ve travelled abroad with it and almost always re-stock, it’s always in my bathroom especially at home because my family tend to use it so I always get more (I live away term-time). It is never expensive, doesn’t break the bank and sometimes Boots or Superdrug have offers on the St.Ives range so I have no reason not to stock up.

On Wednesday the 9th of May (has it really been that long!) I popped along to the swanky award-winning Hospital Club near Convent Garden and was met at the door by the lovely Livvi from St.Ives. After grabbing an Elderflower cocktail and some canap├ęs, I went into the Forest Room. Th first thing that caught my attention, was an art table. No, not a table with art but an old school painting table equipped with paints and palettes and mannequin heads to paint. I knew there was going to be a challenge at the event, but I didn’t realise just how fun (and messy) it was going to be! I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to take part but I knew I would wish to be spectator.

Delicious Salmon bites

The painting table

The challenge however wasn’t till later on so I opted to go have a chat a skin/beauty expert who informed us about exfoliating the dead skin cells away, and also gave demonstartions of St.Ives Apricot Scrub and it’s effectiveness. Having used for scrub for years I didn’t really need a demo, however I did learn things I didn’t yet know. For example, did you know St. Ives scrubs have no parabens? I sure didn’t, I don’t know why I never checked. I guess it was because being in denial meant I could use great products that aren’t too great in the long run but I’m glad to know that St. Ives doesn’t fall into that category. Also, I never stop and think ‘what ingredients are used to make the grainy bits in a scrub that help exfoliate?’ I just assumed that it is probably some chemically stuff that I wouldn’t understand. I’m glad to know different. St.Ives use actual apricot extract and the grainy stuff is walnut shells and corn kernel. All natural goodness.

Paraben free!

The expert

The grainy goodness

We were then introduced to Emine Ali Rushton, a lovely lady who happens to be the beauty editor at Psychologies magazine! She talked us through centuries of beauty treatments and crazy concoctions our ancestors cooked up in order to be beautiful and youthful. Concoctions featuring nightingale poop for the face and camel urine for the hair. Think I’ll still to apricots and almonds thank you very much. She was extremely informative and inspiring, and it’s great to meet people from the beauty industry.


We then moved onto the challenge, the prize being an edible marzipan and chocolate apricot tree which was twin to one Ellie Goulding had received. I decided to join in as it did look really tempting and fun and seemed like it would be a laugh, so like everyone else I grabbed my palette and tied my apron then sat down. The challenge was to paint the doll head in our interpretation of natural beauty. It could be anything. Here are some of the participants dolls:

I’m not sure what the inspiration was for the other girl’s dolls but for mine I decided to incorporate a few things. For the base (the skin) I decided to use the sunset, so there was a gradient all over. Eyes I used greens, drawing upon nature and leaves and plants and all that good stuff. I also did a very rushed henna pattern across it, as henna is a plant that is used to create natural harm free temporary body art. I also tried to recreate a peacock’s feather but that didn’t go to plan! Bear in mind we had about 15 minutes to complete it so everything was very rush rush and I made a lot of smudges! Here is my creation:

Emine was the judge, and believe it or not, I actually won. I really didn’t expect to and I didn’t take part expecting to win in the slightest so it was such a pleasant surprise. And yes of course the edible tree came home with me. It look so pretty, almost too pretty to eat but my best friend obviously had no problem when it came to tucking in. I think the chocolate did it for her, and before you know it my pretty tree was getting devoured. The event was so insightful and the challenge and the prize was so unique, I love how the PR company who organised it got the attendees to participate and really get stuck in. I love all that interacting stuff.

My messy self with the lovely Krista Madden (founder of Handpicked Media)

Receiving the prize!

My tree- home, safe with me

Overall if you haven’t realised just yet, I had such a great time at the event and it’s always great to meet people behind brands you use and love. It was also great to learn more about what goes in my scrub and Handpicked Media were absolutely great, especially Krista who I had a lovely conversation with before I left. Huge thank you to St.Ives for hosting, especially Livi for being so lovely and helpful.

Okay – post not over just yet! A quick overview of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
I’ve been using it for years, as I mentioned and what it does is help exfoliate dead skin and let the new skin underneath rise to the surface. It is gentle enough to use every day so definitely not the harsh types that leave your skin feeling raw. I like a bit of grittiness so even though my skin type is the dry/sensitive one, I opt for the blemish prone scrub and just be sure to moisturise straight after. It really leaves the skin soft and feeling fresh. If you want to start with a scrub, I would always recommend trying St. Ives out first. My experience with it has been nothing but pleasant even in super hot countries in Asia and Middle East. My whole family are hooked on it and thanks to the goodie bag at the event I now have back ups. I already had both of scrubs given sitting at home. Cannot fault it at all.

What do you think about event posts, shall I do more? Ever tried St. Ives Apricot Scrub before?

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  1. i was sent a 30ml free sample of the apricot scrub, and although it’s really harsh and i can only use it once every two weeks, it gets rid of any pimples i have and my skin feels amazingly smooth when i wash it off! and you deserved to win, your doll head was beautiful, i love the sunset gradient <3

    • ahh really? Maybe because I have tried some super rough scrubs before, this one feels gentle on me? You should have a try of the gentle one for sensitive skin.. maybe that will be better x

  2. Love that prize! It’s so ridiculously kitsch! This sounds like it was a fun event, great to see a brand thinking outside of the box when it comes to a press event.

    • I know it’s adorable and so unique! I loved the event especially because it was so different compared to other events xx

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