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Montagne Jeunesse face masks were the first face masks I was introduced to. If I wanted to have a face mask applied, I would head to Superdrugs or Boots and pick one of those up for 99p and I know that was the same for many of you too. So when I heard that they had a new range, the Skin Heroes range I was extremely interested to know more.

The Skin Heroes range has 5 different problem solver masques. They are Dry Skin Masque, Breakout Masque, Shine Control Masque, T-Zone peel off and finally a a nose pore powder called De-Clog Pores (displayed left to right). As a dry skin suffer I instantly gravitated to the dry skin masque and decided to test the breakout masque out on a close friend who was prone to breakouts. So I’ll do a quick review and explain to you about them both.

The thing that is different about these masques compared to the original ones are that these are two step masque (except the De-Clog Pores). The first step is a problem solving masque and the next is a moisturing treatment. They are also packed with natural, beneficial ingredients to help solve problems and are also vegetarian friendly. Montage Jeunesse always try to use natural products as you may already know.

As you can see step 1 is at the bottom whereas step 2 is at the top. The packet has a handy separation point between the two which I would suggest you use to cut the pack in two. I figured that by doing that you would have more control when squeezing the masque out and also you won’t have masque residue all over your hands when you go to apply the moisturising treatment.

After applying the masque, I waited the recommended time for it to set. It was quite different to the usual masks I pick up as it didn’t dry fully and feel tight. After quickly skimming the back of the packet I realised this may be due to the masque not having Kaolin clay like most masks due and after a quick google search I understood that because my skin type is dry, Kaolin isn’t always suited to it. The masque removed quite easily, and after removal it left my face looking brighter and definitely softer. My skin didn’t get the usual tight feeling it sometimes gets after mask removal, so I was pretty impressed with it. Bear in mind, this is a creamy masque and not a mud mask hence why it didn’t dry like mud masks do!

The moisturiser was also impressive. It felt silky and not oily which I was happy to see, and my skin drank it up really quickly. The thing that I was really impressed with was the amount of product that you got in the packets. The masque section had enough product to fully coat my face in a thick coat and the moisturiser I was able to use three times before it finished. Nothing annoys me more than masques that don’t have enough product to thickly coat your face with and I was glad to see that wasn’t an issue here. It also smelt of berries which I was quite pleased about, as I love berry scents.

My friend is a little more prone to breakouts so this seemed like the perfect masque for her. Her masque was a mud mask (mine was a soufflé masque) and had ingredients such as witch hazel and tea tree which are ingredients she usually includes in her every day skincare. Her masque dried really well and again, even though her face is larger than mine, there was more than enough product to coat it really well. To be honest I feel there was probably enough product for the both of us in one packet.

The moisturiser wasn’t to her liking however, she said that it was too thick for her preference as she prefers much much lighter consistency, however it was moisturising and not oily. I guess its one of those personal preference things, and it just wasn’t the moisturiser for her.

Overall: We were both pretty pleased with the masques we used and definitely didn’t feel disappointed in them. They cost £1.49 and for girly nights in or for a treat I will definitely choose these over any other packet face masques that we usually grab. I can see the masque making a long term difference to your skin, if you use it weekly. I personally will grab it whenever I want a pamper day and want immediate short term brighter skin. 

I really hope that they bring out more of these duos, preferably a tingly one and a self warming one because I love the feeling those masques give. Still haven’t figured out whether to say masque or mask!

You can pick these up at ASDA and also at Montagne Jeunesse own website.

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    • That is exactly what I thought when I heard it was only at asda, but hopefully they will become available in superdrugs and stuff soon? Fingers crossed, I rarely ever pick up masks from a supermarket so makes sense to bring it into SD or Boots xx

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