Guest Post at: Jayne’s Kitschen

Evening lovelies, hope you’ve all had a great day & weekend. I thought I had this post scheduled for yesterday but some silly reason it didn’t happen. Stupid wordpress thing (although it most likely was my own fault!)

I recently did a guest post over at a blog belonging to the very beautiful Jayne, and would love you all to go over and have a little read. She is also such a lovely person, I love her old fashioned values and her blog is a gem so enjoy reading. I wrote about my latest She Said Beauty Box so if you want a peek and my thoughts, head on over.

Peekaboo! from:

You can read my post (here)

I’ve been speaking to Jayne for quite a while now and she is so sweet and lovely to know. She has some great posts and pictures. Her blog is all about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and she always injects positivity.
Have a great Monday, Tanzina x 

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