Favourite Products of the Month: April

Okay so it’s that time again, monthly favourites! I now realise since half of the month of May is already gone this post is very very late. I am so sorry lovelies, it’s just due to my exams being this month everything has been slightly crazy and disorganised. However here it is better late than never.

As you can already tell, it’s a NARS goodie that has been my favourite this month, and probably for the last five months too. This is the NARS Blusher/Bronzer Duo in Sin and Casino and was gifted to on my birthday by my beautiful friends Shanaz and Yasmin. That and two sets of Real Technique brush kits, how amazing are they?! They do know me well.

Anyway before I get too carried away over how amazing my friends are, I’ll get too the point and let you all know why this has been a firm favourite of mine. As some of you may know I really wanted the NARS Danmari palette but I was unable to get hold of it. So instead my friends chose the next best thing, which is this duo. The bronzer is called Casino, which is perfect for my tanned olive skin tone and Laguna would’ve been way too light for me to contour with. I love the consistency, it’s super creamy and applies really smoothly. I can build the colour up on my cheek and blend it in well, I’m really impressed. It’s a matte bronzer with a slight sheen, I think NARS have placed finely milled shimmer in Casino which creates such a nice glow when applied.

You can see the slight shimmer particle in the top left of Casino

The blush is called Sin, and it’s quite mauve/pinky as opposed to the more purple shade I thought it initially would be. It translate on my skin as quite pinky and it’s a perfect compliment to Casino. I definitely get much more use out of Casino, as I use it as contour regularly, however I like to save Sin for evening wear or special occasions. Both paired together, with a dash of highlighter, they create a really gorgeous glow on my cheek bones and sometimes it can seem a bit too much for day time wear. Maybe because I’m not really used to it? I can’t believe a purple looking blush can look so good on though! Without contour, or with a pure matte contour such as the Sleek ones, Sin does look quite natural. By applying it really lightly, I can create a really nice natural look. However like I said, the texture packaging etc feels so lovely and luxurious so I tend not to use it too much and save it for special occasions (basically every other day because I can’t resist it!).

Oh also, it too has finely milled shimmer in it, a little more than Casino does.

I love the gold sparkles in it, but fortunately it doesn’t appear with sparkly chunks on my face!

All in all, I have been using this duo constantly and it’s always finding it’s way back to my makeup bag. This was my first NARS item and as you all know I am trying to build my NARS and MAC collection so I’m slowly getting there. I would recommend this duo for those with a slightly tanned complexion, especially Casino! But definitely try out Sin if you get the chance, you may be pleasantly surprised.

NARS Sin/Casino duo is £29.00 on their website


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