Beauty Budgeting: April Buys

Hey lovelies, can’t believe we are almost in June. I have one more exam left TOMORROW and I am done! I’ve got lots to share with you especially my latest skincare discoveries that have become such a staple in my life. But for now I have a monthly haul. Remember when I said I will stick to buying only things I really really need/want? That hasn’t gone too well.

My purse clearly doesn’t like me this month. The first thing I’m going to share with you are the lipsticks I picked up. I have no idea what made me decide to pick up these lipsticks, I think it was just one of those impulse buys! Please remind to not go near make up counters for a very long time because lipsticks have suddenly started shouting my name when I walk past them!

The first, and my favourite of the two, is a Shieseido lipstick named RD304 , and it from the Perfect Rouge collection and I’ve actually really been enjoying it. It’s unlike any other colour I have and it is quite moisturising and lasts quite well. I love the feel of the packaging, it definitely feels luxurious and high-end. I’ve never had a Shieseido product before, and I’m looking forward to discovering more stuff from the brand. I can’t fully explain the colour to you, and I’ll try do a swatch soon. But to describe it, I would say it isn’t a bright red nor a deep red but more an in between colour, so a strawberry red. There is also a slight white shimmery finish, which is extremely slight so it still suits me well. I think it’s the warm undertones that make it wearable for me and it goes on very smoothly.

It costs £21.00 to buy (here)

The Benefit lipstick is called Wild Card, and this was definitely an impulse buy! I wasn’t looking to buy anything at all when I walked past the counter but then thought oh, I have a couple of Benefit Silky Finish lipsticks maybe I should grab a Full Finish Lipstick. I went for a wine red as that was a shade I don’t yet have. To be honest, I haven’t really worn it yet and it has been just lying around. It is really pretty and suits my warm skin tone but I’ve had super bright reds and pinks on recently and Wild Card has been neglected. I will pop it in my makeup bag to remind myself to use it! It feels really creamy to apply.

It costs £14.00 to buy (here)

Okay, next is a product which I deem the very best topcoat in the world. I was introduced to it by my aunt who bought it over from Canada for me, and has completely changed nail polish application for me. I think I will constantly re-buy this product for the rest of my life. It is the Seche Vite topcoat and I need to do a review on it for you guys!

I bought the Seche Vite from Buyapowa, which is a co-buy website, and it was actually a duo co-buy. That meant that the Seche Vite Base Coat came with the topcoat and both together were £11.50 excluding P&P. I was extremely happy to be able to get the deal as the topcoat by itself is usually £11. The base coat is… a base coat. It’s meant to fill in ridges and such but I’m not really a base coat fan and could’ve done with out it. But I decided to go for it anyway because I do have polishes that stain my nails so thought that would protect me from them.

To buy them normally:
Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat costs £10.50 to buy (here)
Seche Base costs £9.95 to buy (here)

Okay the next and last but certainly not least product is the one I am most excited about. Remember when I said I wanted to expand my NARS collection, as I really like their products? Well I certainly have! I went and got this lovely blush which took me forever to chose. It is in the shade Taos and I love her (the blush). I went intending to buy NARS Orgasm as it is so raved about but after swatching it I was rather underwhelmed, and no orgasm isn’t a Useful reference and hot mature content @ It isn’t that amazing on my tanned skin tone but it is really nice. The lovely makeup artist recommended a few colours instead and Taos and Torrid immediately caught my attention. Taos is super pigmented and so pretty that I ended up choosing her. You literally need on swipe and your brush is packed with colour, I know it will last forever. You need to apply it with a light hand, and it’s red coral tone with golden fine shimmer is a perfect compliment to my skin tone. I just love it.

It costs £21.00 to buy (here)

I was speaking to the beauty advisor for absolute ages, and they happened to have held a makeup master class the day before in store. NARS stands don’t usually have samples at all, but due to the master class they had some left. Because she knew I wanted to try Orgasm, and they just happened to have a sample of it, she gave it to me just to be nice! She also threw in a primer sample for me to try, how lovely of her especially as she didn’t have to. Best customer service ever.

NARS Orgasm

NARS Pro-Prime

That is all for my April haul, and believe me when I say I have been far naughtier for the month of May. Something I am definitely not proud of and I really need to get myself in check. I have been placed under a self imposed beauty spending ban, so that means NO beauty buying until at least August. Ah, it is going to be so hard to resist because I think I’m become a bit obsessed! No matter, the ban is in place and it cannot and will not be lifted. Even if NARS goodies become £2.00 each. (Slight exaggeration, if that was to happen I will buy the whole collection!) Wish me luck for tomorrow, and hopefully the next time I speak to you I will be elated over the completion of my exams! (Just remembered I need some cuticle stuff *sad face*)

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  1. Very good picks especially the lipsticks. I only go for specific brands when purchasing lipsticks but I’ll be checking out Benefit etc a bit more!

  2. I love Nars Torrid, it’s a gorgeous colour on my skin. Taos looks lovely, may need to try this one. Lucky you to get samples. x

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