Rouge Casual with a hint of Toffee

I’ve found myself sporting the same lip combo quite frequently over the last couple of weeks, and I think it’s fair to say that they’re my current lip favourites. I love mixing lip glosses/lipsticks/lip liners up and coming up with different results, who says you can only use on them alone? The combination I’ve been creating uses lipstick and lip gloss, and it’s a combination I’m rather pleased about discovering. I love a bit of sparkle sometimes, the lip gloss provides this without looking tacky, with the lipstick in a rich bright berry colour which is perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

The lipstick is by Bourjois from their Sweet Kiss collection and is in the colour ‘77 Rouge Casual‘ and as I said, it’s like a bright berry red which looks perfectly fine by itself. This is my second lipstick from the Sweet Kiss range, the first being a bright pink and I’ve always been impressed with their pigmentation and creamy texture. The lipstick glides on and feels moisturising. I like it on my lips by itself, it’s not matte but somehow with a bit of the gloss the colour just pops a bit more. I’ve added a picture  below, with just the lipstick on my lips and it’s still really pretty. It’s £7.99 to buy (here)

The lipstick applied by itself, sorry it’s so blurry!
The two Bourjois lipsticks I have (red one is the one I used)

The lipgloss, or ‘Juicy Tube’, I actually came across in the Harrod’s edition of GlossyBox. To be honest, that was the only good product in the box and I have since unsubscribed. I didn’t write a review on it as I try to avoid writing about products that I don’t enjoy. Back to being positive, the Lancome Juicy Tube is in ‘Toffee’ and to buy full size it costs £15.50 (here). It is a golden peachy colour that has an iridescent glitter sparkle to it. It is rather unique and I’ve never seen anything like it. On bare lips, it applies slightly translucent with tiny glitters that catch the light at certain angles. It smells of toffee also, and I think I might purchase this full size actually as I’m so impressed.

Below are pictures of the combination. I love how there are gold specks that catch the light now and then, and it’s iridescent as sometimes you can catch glimpses of the gold whereas other times you can’t. It’s such a hard to combination to photograph as well, and looks much better in real life. I’ve really been enjoying ‘Toffee’ I can’t wait to mix this Juicy Tube with other lipsticks/lip liners and see what results come up.

Without flash (you can faintly see the sparkles on the lower lip)

With flash

 I’m impressed with both the lipstick and the gloss, I wonder if the rest of the Juicy Tubes by Lancome are as impressive?I have a Lancome Lip Gloss, but it’s nothing like this at all. I have a few points saved up on my Debenhams Beauty Card and I have a feeling that I will either use it to purchase ‘Toffee’ as a back up or another Juicy Tube. OR Urban Decay Primer Potion as I’m running low. Yes, it’s a toss up between the three of them and I will definitely let you know which one I go for. But I have to say, the two lippies featured in this post were really a great investment and I know I will make much use for them over the next few months!

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  1. i love the look of the lipstick! and i agree about the harrods glossybox only having one good item, mine was a lancome foundation :) and the mini perfume was alright i guess…

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