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Happy Friday!

I was a little unsure about this post, as it isn’t exactly ‘Makeup’ but when I started this blog I wanted to write about beauty and lifestyle and I think fashion falls really nicely into that category. When it comes to fashion, some of you may already know that I haven’t fully yet discovered my taste and what I prefer, but at the age of 21 I think I have quite a few years to discover what I find comfortable. I have noticed my tastes are changing, and I thought what better way to document it than by blogging about it?

I’m a huge shoe lover, although now I’m starting to go for more classic styles as opposed to the quirky styles I used to end up buying. I was organising my shoe collection and decided to blog about my latest shoe purchases. It was only then I discovered that they were all black patent shoes! I love patent shoes, although not handbags but the thing that disappoints me about them is that they scratch really easily. That really gets on my nerves. Doesn’t stop me from buying though!

River Island

River Island

I purchased these loafer-esque flats from River Island, as I really wanted hard wearing black flats that I could wear with lots of different outfits. I love ballet pumps but I was getting sick of them getting wet in the rain, so I decided to get something less flimsy. These shoes are really not the type of shoes I usually would go for, and friends have told me not to go for them as they were too ‘granny’ for me but I decided to ignore their advice, and bought them. I am so glad that I ignored them as I love these shoes, they’re really practical and go with quite a few of my outfits. They’re quickly becoming my most worn shoes for spring.

Kurt Geiger 

When I first saw these shoes at by Kurt Geiger, I thought they looked professional and would look good for interviews and meetings. To be fair, I haven’t really used them much but I’m sure they’ll come into use. I think that having a pair of ‘work’ shoes in your collection is a good idea because you never know when you might need them. They are really comfortable, and I think I’ll try find  ways this summer to wear them more often. They are Miss KG by Kurt Geiger, and are actually my first purchase from Kurt Geiger. I think I will go on to buy more shoes from them, probably ankle boots next time.


This last pair is from Zara, and it’s fair t0 say I saved the best for last. I absolutely love these, and they come padded inside for extra comfort. When I first came across them, I wasn’t even looking to buy a new pair of shoes however I knew I couldn’t leave the store without them. They’re super high and give me confidence the minute I put them on, odd I know but they do make me feel better. The padding inside makes the shoes comfortable so I can wear them for long hours, and they go with lots of different outfits too. I think having a pair of black heels in my collection is a must, because it goes with so many occasions and outfits, and this pair will do the job just fine.

So that is it, my three latest shoe purchases. I don’t buy shoes as often as I used to, instead I buy shoes now and then and choose only those that I know I will get a lot of wear out of. What do you think of patent shoes, a fashion hit or a fashion fail? Would you wear any of these shoes?

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    • Kurt Geiger shoes are usually really comfortable aren’t they! I think I need more

  1. It’s always a worry that patent shoes will get scratched and scuffed but that shouldn’t stop anyone. I like the Kurt Geiger ones best. :)

    • I do really like them too, I think I’m going to have to find ways to wear them more often!

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