Lots of pretty cards.

I thought I’d share with you what arrived in the post today. It’s something that has made me feel very grown up, and quite professional. You know how some recently engaged women walk around flashing there ring without much subtlety? Well I feel tempted to do that with these, however I know I may end up losing my friends as they will have to act like they don’t know me!

I’ve always wanted some luxury business cards, doesn’t matter what for… it’s just one of life’s wants slash needs. I imagine my dream card being quite thick, possibly matte with an embossed gold font. Vanity makes me wish to have one side of the card stating simply ‘Tanzina’ in a gorgeous gold embossed italic font. Hm, maybe I should create a company named Tanzina simply for that reason? Okay before I go away with the fairies, I’ll get to the point! I ordered business cards for my blog, and they have finally arrived!

As you can see, it reflects the blog in terms of font and colours. As I designed the blog template, colour scheme etc I thought it would be nice to repeat that with the card. I don’t like using templates, so I chose not to with the card also and designed it from scratch. My designing skills definitely need improving but I’m sort of pleased with the results. It makes me happy. It’s also got me thinking about other ways to promote my blog. I am going to spend some time looking into booklet printing because I figured I could design some booklets in a similar style to the cards and put some snippets of my best blog posts in. It’s definitely something to think about.

I ordered them from Vistaprint, and decided to get the premium cards. Although price wise it isn’t as expensive as Moo cards, I thought premium meant… well premium! I was quite disappointed with the quality, the cards feel slightly flimsy and I think I should’ve gone for a glossy finish, but to that I say live and learn! I would still recommend Vistaprint to new businesses/companies who aren’t looking to spend too much on cards, and these definitely will do the job for me. They also came with a little business card holder, and I’m really glad I ordered these. However for those looking for ‘premium’ quality cards, I wouldn’t suggest getting it from Vistaprint. I think for my next batch, depending on my blog or whatever cause I’m getting the card for, I would probably go with Moo cards.

Other than my best friend, who I immediately forced a card upon, I am yet to start distributing my cards, but I have events coming up which I look forward to as I will hand them out to anyone that glances my direction! I ordered 500 so they should last a while. But overall I am happy with them, slightly dissapointed in the quality but that is all, and I’m really pleased I’ve ordered them! It’s a great way of networking and guiding people to my blog. If you’re at a networking event, do you need business cards? Well, it is still an expectation when networking that you have business cards but if you don’t have any on you, for whatever reason, it is still possible to send your card to someone following your meeting. What do you think of these, impressed or should they be disposed of immediately?

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