Favourite Products of the Month: March

Wow I cannot believe that it’s April already, this year seems to be whizzing past so quickly! Before I know it, it’s going to be exam period at University and I will be severely over-stressed. But taking my mind off my impending doom, I’d like to let you all know about my favourite product from the month of March. I’m definitely a bath over shower girl, and I absolutely love bubble baths. My collection of bath goodies are all usually musky and floral and I usually stay away from more fruitier scents as I just didn’t think appealed to me. That is until this gorgeous product entered my life!

Conran 2 Bath Wash

This is the Conran 2 Bath Wash (300ml). I really did not expect to like it as I’m really picky when it comes to bath goodies, and Scent 1 sounded more up my street rather than the Scent 2 range. How wrong was I?! Especially as in March the weather perked up a lot, this bath wash left me feeling really summery and fresh, and more awake especially when I had an morning bath rather than a morning shower. Usually morning baths leave me even more sleepy and I end up crawling back to bed.

I’ve had gorgeous smelling bubble baths before that end up leaving my body feeling rally dry after the bath, I think they may have had too much SLS in them. This isn’t the case with this bath wash, my body didn’t end up feeling tight and looking flaky, quite the opposite really. The scent lingers on the skin really well, but I usually top up with the Conran Scent 2 body lotion, so the scent stays all day long.  The scent reminds me of citrusy lemon orange fragrances however it isn’t overpowering at all and instead really soothing. I find that I always always avoid citrusy fragrances as they don’t appeal to me but maybe because of the fact this smells like summer and isn’t too strong .. it somehow won me over.

The duo that I have. It comes with the Bath Wash & Body Lotion

All in all I really didn’t expect to fall for this as hard as I did (if you haven’t figured that out yet!). It really has made the transition from bath to life easier as previously it was bed, bath and back to bed! Meaning a lot of over sleeping. However the think I really liked about this was how I ended up feeling energised after having a soak, whereas my mum after trying it found it to be really relaxing and felt sleepy. Maybe it’s because she’s a fruity/citrus fragrance fan? I love products that evoke different positive responses from different people. Looking back, I think I used this nearly every time I had a bath in March. Actually, I’m pretty sure I did! I need to finish my Lush products now as they’ve been rather neglected.

The Conran 2 Bath Wash for 300ml is priced at £16. You can also buy the duo of Bath Wash and Body Lotion (full size) for £34. You can get it from various shops such as John Lewis and Selfridges. To see more products from the range and places to buy, I would say take a look at their website. What do you think about citrusy bubble baths and bath washes? Would you try this?

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  1. Yay! I’m glad you’ve finally tried some of their stuff! Amazing isn’t it? I’m definitely going to stock up on the candles when they’re released nearer Christmas!

    Hope you’re well lovely xx

    • Hey lovely, yes their stuff is amazing! Oooh as a huge candle lover, I CANNOT wait to get my hands on them, and I love how they come with lids so it doesn’t burn too fast. Will be gifting lots of Conran Candles during Christmas

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