Elemis FreshSkin Launch!

This post was actually going to go up yesterday, as part of ‘Wordless Wednesday’ but I realised a picture wouldn’t do this brand justice, especially as it’s launching today!

Meet Elemis FreshSkin, a new skin care range aimed at skin which doesn’t require the ingredients and qualities we find in the readily available ‘anti-ageing, collagen injecting’ skin care lines. I personally find that premium quality skincare are easy to get hold of, but they aren’t usually suited to my skin simply because it’s also being aimed at skin 10, 20 years older than me. Which is perfect as one day I too will get older but I want something that’s targeted at my age range and is still really good quality. Isn’t prevention better than cure? I remain confused how you can target both mature skin and young skin. Wouldn’t the different skin types be facing different dilemmas? I can understand make up removers etc but moisturisers, serums and cleansers? If someone knows the answer please explain it to me.

This is where this range steps in, it’s aimed at teens to mid-twenties and I find that’s perfect for me and teenagers who wish to invest in their young skin and keep it looking young as long as possible!  I love how this range takes teenagers into consideration and at 21, I wish I had a brand I could’ve been consistent with when I was younger. I’ve had lots of issues with skincare products before, and am quite hard to please on that front.

I’ve been using products from this range for a few weeks now, and so far I have nothing but praise for it. Considering that I had complaints about Estee Lauder and Chanel skin care in previous posts, you should know I’m very picky. Elemis is an excellent line and I’m really glad to see they have launched a lower priced range for younger skin. Prices start from £8 and I find that they are really reasonably priced throughout the whole range. I will definitely be doing an in-depth review on what I’ve been using from the range. I’m just waiting for a whole month of trialling to pass and I’m nearly there. But it’s fair to say I’m pretty pleased, and am already planning to get more from the range. I think the Skin Glow Exfoliating Wash and the Loving Lips Lip Balm in currently on the wishlist.

Now the exciting news, they launch today in Superdrug Westfield Stratford & Westfield White City. So those lucky people in London will have the opportunity to check out the range tomorrow as it launches on the 27th of April. To those unable to get hold of it just yet, don’t worry they will soon launch nationwide. It’s one worth waiting for, and be sure to keep a look out for my review.

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