Updated: My Hair & Kerastase Elixir Review

I have many plans/resolutions for 2012 but one of the main ones concerned my hair. I’m fortunately blessed with hair that doesn’t grow too slowly however due to lack of care, too much heat, bad shampoo’s etc. I did try hard to take better care, by using heat protectors and such but in the end, my hair still contained broken and split ends. Also the shape of my hair, was in a V-shape with many layers which resulted in the bottom of my hair looking really fine and wispy whereas the top half of my hair was okay.

Before: My hair all swept to one side in December

I really wanted to change my hair so it looked more fuller, and had been craving a straight cut style for so long, however to get the straight cut I would have to cut off a lot of hair so the length was level. Eventually I decided that I had to go for the chop and booked myself into a lovely salon in Covent Garden. The hairdressers was called ‘Micheal Barnes’ and I opted to go for a Moroccan hair treatment so my hair would be extra special in time for my birthday, which was the next day.

Whilst having the treatment I decided to ask my hairdresser a few questions regarding hair care and how to make my hair look better. He asked me what temperature I used on my hair stylers such as curlers, straightner etc. Obviously I used the highest as it took the quickest time styling my hair. He seemed rather disappointed at my answer, and informed me that my hair was neither curly enough nor thick enough to require the highest setting and I was just making my hair worse.

After: The length of my hair (taken on my birthday (January) while I redo my lips!)

He left me with a few tips that I’ve started to put into my normal hair routine. Whilst blow drying my hair (something I never do) he used Kerastase Elixir, a hair oil treatment containing lots of precious oils such as Argan oil. A lot of you may know about the Moroccan Oil which he also demonstarted and they both retail for around £30. The oil left my hair feeling literally like silk, and I was amazed how perfectly straight my hair was simply by using a blow drier. I initially hesitated buying the Kerastase Elixir, because the price was quite expensive for a hair oil however after a lot of patience, it came on BuyaPowa which is a website where you can participate in a co-buy and get products cheaper. It was only £5 cheaper (including p&p) however that was enough for me to take the plunge.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and have had a few compliments on my hair already comments such as your hair looks healthy and the word ‘glossy’ keeps popping up. I can’t help but admit that does make me feel happy! I use it on damp hair before blowdrying and sometimes leave it in my hair for an hour or two before shampooing and this results in my hair feeling super soft and tamed. I don’t get greasy hair often, so putting this oil in my hair didn’t catalyst a huge oily mess in my hair (thank god) but after a day of using it AFTER washing my hair, my hair felt much greasier than normal so I was a little concerned about how it would fair on people with more prone to greasy hair. I guess if you concentrate around the ends and mid length of your hair, it shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, I am really happy with this and I just hope that the benefits of this product is more than just a short term benefit! I guess I just will have to wait and see.

TIP: I was told to try mixing it in with my conditioner, apparently that will result in even more glossy, healthy shiny looking hair however I haven’t tried it yet but I can see how that would make sense.

What I’ve changed:

My hair cut
I now don’t use the highest setting on any stylers, instead I use the lowest and it works just as good
I try to only straighten my hair twice or three times a month, it is hard but I’m getting there
I take better care and use different products such as Kerastase Elixir
AND, I no longer use SLS for my hair… more on that in the next post!


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