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If I could change one thing about myself, well many things, one of those things definitely would be the way my hair sheds. Honestly, it sounds revolting but my hair just does not want to stay on my scalp. I used to have such thick hair, like super uncontrollable thick hair which I of course hated at the time but now would do anything to have back. Currently my hair is medium thickness but I find so much of my hair all over my house that it’s just getting worrying for me as I think one day I’ll go bald! It is normal for your hair to fall daily, however I think mine is just too much.

I’ve been to doctors about it as it can be related to eating, stress, nutrients etc and as I try to eat more healthily it only makes sense to look into products that are healthy for my hair. Fee, from Makeupsavvy suggested trying SLS-Free products for my hair and before she mentioned it I didn’t even know what SLS was! Fee explained that after using SLS-free products she noticed less hair falling in the shower, split ends etc and after her blog post on SLS I could understand why! Rather than attempt to explain it myself I think reading her post would be much more helpful to you (and make more sense)

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I went to Boots and after searching the shelves for SLS free shampoos I found Organix Hair, a brand that has SLS and paraben free hair products. Usually the shampoos sell for around £6.99 each however it was on a 2 for £8 deal so I picked up two bottles. I chose Organix Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo. Conditioners don’t have SLS in them or similar harmful chemicals so I saw no need to give up my beloved Aussie 3 Min deep conditioner!

Sorry about the slightly rubbish photo quality. Used an Iphone camera and there was bad lighting!

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and although initially all I noticed was that it lathered slightly less than my Aussie one, there wasn’t much change. However now I notice that the plughole doesn’t need to be unblocked everytime I have a shower, and that to me is a very good sign! It still hasn’t been long enough for me to fully reap the benefit so I can’t say how it works in the long run, but I don’t feel like the shampoo can’t provide something that SLS shampoos do provide. I think I have I converted to SLS free shampoos for good, and hopefully will work up to quitting SLS altogether! Also the Organix range smells ah-mazing, that seals the deal in my books.

Did you know about SLS products before?
Would you give it up? 

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