My First OOTD

Last Thursday I attended an event for Coran Bath and Body (more on that coming up soon!) and since the setting was gorgeous I had a few pictures of myself taken throughout the day. I’ve never done an Outfit of the Day post before, probably because I’m not fully comfortable with my sense of style, but I’m getting there. In an attempt at confidence, I decided to take the plunge and create this post!

I am no fashion expert or trend setter in any shape or form (though I wouldn’t mind to be in the future!)
But this is an outfit that I found myself really comfortable with.

The shoes I wore 

Nails with flash

Nails without flash

Face of the day

Top – Dorothy Perkins
Necklace – New Look
Shoes РDorothy Perkins 

Sorry about having to put a watermark on my photos, there have been issues of people stealing other bloggers picture, so I’d rather prevent that from happening rather than trying to cure the problem after it happened! Thank you for understanding.

I hope you liked my OOTD and please let me know if you want to see more, or I should just give up and never try again!

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  1. I like seeing OOTDs and beauty on the same blogs, really gives you a view of someone’s style. That tunic is very pretty, red suits you! I really like the accent nail on your fingers too, very nice.
    Keep posting them :D

    Devon xx

  2. Amazing photo’s ;)
    I think you should definitely do OOTD’s. Experiment with it, I’ve never really done any either :(

    The red top really suits your skin tone and looks lovely on you. A thumbs up for this outfit! You looked even more gorgeous in the flesh.


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