Favourite Products of the Month: February

Okay, this post is seriously late. I wrote this in the first week of March however for some unknown reason, it has just sat there unpublished all this time in my draft folder. However I thought I’d go ahead and publish it now that I’ve discovered it, better late than never.

My Feb favourite has actually been in my make up collection for quite some time and although it has been a firm favourite, I have found myself reaching for this lots last month. I managed to stick to choosing just one favourite this month (on which I failed in last month’s favourite) and the hands down winner is Sleek MakeUp’s Contour Kit in Light. I use this product to contour my cheek bones and under my jawline. Although I know people that use it to warm up their face, I solely use this for contouring.

I love the how the powder feels, if that makes sense.. sometimes bronzers/blushers can feel chalky and powdery, actually so do some eyeshadows however this powder is more creamy and I can apply lots to my face at once without worrying that I’m going to have lots of fall out. The contour colour suits my skin really well, perhaps a little subtle but that is personal preference. It also blends out really well and is workable, and doesn’t end up looking like a line I just drew on my face!

I don’t really have anything negative to say about this product, except that I wish the highlighter was slightly warmer as it seems slightly ashy on my warmer skin tone. The quality of the highlighter is still impressive and I end up using it as an eyeshadow sometimes. The highlighter in the Medium kit is perfect for my skin tone so I might invest in that as the weather gets warmer!

A little extra note:

I have found the perfect highlighter. I absolutely love it although it might be slightly too shimmery for the cold days. That doesn’t matter though as I know it will be perfect for summer! It’s Fairy Dust by the brand Pixi and is part of their Tinkerbell collection. I will do a more in depth review of the Tinkerbell collection soon and also a giveaway from the collection so keep your eyes out for that! The Contour Kit and Fairy Dust go so well together, I’m really happy with the combination. Sorry for the super late monthly favourite (and sort of cheating again by adding the Fairy Dust)!

Have a good weekend, Tanzina

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