Conran Bath and Body Event Overview

Recently I had the privilege of being invited to a lovely event held by Conran Bath and Body. The event was held in Sir Terrence Conran’s own fabulous apartment over looking the Thames and really opened my eyes to what the brand was all about. I’ve come across Conran products previous to the event in John Lewis, and to me it was clear that the brand was all about premium products. It was really nice to be able to have the opportunity to talk to the people behind the brand and see what other products they have lined up for us.

Now I’m not one to go on lots about the type of food, drinks etc served at events but I couldn’t help but take a picture of these since I love macaroons so much! How yummy do these look!

I was invited to the event by the beautiful Becca, who was lovely to meet and really welcoming. The hosting skill at the event were really impressive, as we ended up feeling really comfortable and relaxed. I was really impressed as it was different to other events I have attended.

The beautiful Becca.
Photo taken by the talented Benjamin Moore, find him on Twitter @whalestails

I also met Gary, who helps design the packaging and products the range has. He was really informative, explaining in details what helped him come up with ideas behind products. One product that automatically appealed to me is the Conran Body Scrub (post on that coming up) that had such a unique texture, quite similar to caviar. The scrub is grainy but not too much and Gary explained his inspiration behind it. He told me how he and his girlfriend had been testing lots of different creams, lotions, scrubs, gels etc previous to creating the products. After having a shower one day he noticed his girlfriend looking red all over and a little raw! He asked why, and she said because of the scrub they were testing. Thus the creation of Conran Body Scrub which doesn’t leave such results. He also showed images of future releases such as Scent 3 and Scent 4 and also a candle which I can’t wait to see!

Gary speaking to me.
Photo taken by the talented Benjamin Moore, find him on Twitter @whalestails

 Speaking of scents, we were given the chance to sample potential fragrances that might be chosen for the new Scent 3 and Scent 4 range. The lovely ladies from Drom (the company who create the fragrance to Conran’s products) let us choose which one was our favourite and assessed our reaction to them. It was actually really interesting as I though I smelt a citrusy element to a really woody fragrance that had no hint of citrus in it at all. The funny thing was, a few others were saying the exact same thing which I found really intriguing. My favourite was a really nice floral feminine scent that I can imagine myself relaxing in the bath too. Really soothing

Here are a few snaps of the current collection, Scent 1 and Scent 2 on which I will do a more in depth post on sometime soon.

Overall, I had such a lovely time, and this event was definitely my most favourite on to date. To be honest, I think it”ll be quite hard to beat in terms of information that was provided and how welcome we were made to feel. I met some lovely people and really had a good night.

I want to say a massive thank you to Becca and the team for looking after us and making the night a success, and also Benjamin Moore for the pictures he took for us! If you want to see the collection take a look at Conran Bath and Body

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